I love to ride my bicycle

It is so hard to resist salt and vinegar chips!

So I don’t! I really don’t deny myself anything. If I want it, I eat it. I usually will try to mind the portion but there are definitely times that I throw caution to the wind and just eat my way through a row of Oreo cookies. I have found though, that the more I concentrate on eating healthy, the more “slip ups” I have. Those Oreos are so much more tempting when I tell myself I absolutely cannot eat them.

What I try to do, is just keep a bunch of healthy options in the house and avoid buying that pack of Oreos in the first place. That makes it much more likely that I will reach for a couple cashews or an apple. I’ve also learned that the healthier I eat, the less my body can even handle the junk food. It throws off my whole digestive system, I feel sluggish and my face breaks out. That can happen after one day of eating junk for me. By junk I mean McDonalds, Pizza, Chinese food… Basically anything delicious! I love all that stuff but we are pretty strictly budgeted which doesn’t allow a whole lot of eating out. That helps! Do you know how much money you are spending a week on eating out? It’s probably more than you think! It was for us. So many extra dollars spent and calories collected than necessary. I have never once regretted making grilled chicken and vegetables rather than driving through for a happy meal.

The same goes for working out. I have never once regretted working out. The adrenalin rush I get after a good workout is so great. Being a stay at home Mom is a great gig but there are definitely times that are more challenging than others. We are going through a pretty tough stage right now. We have an almost 3 year old and a 5 1/2 year old. They are both SO emotional and irrational right now. It takes a lot of patience and inner strength to get through the day. Working out helps with that dramatically.  I am so much happier and patient after a work out!

With the warmer weather, we have been taking a lot of walks and going for bike rides. Let me tell you, pulling 70+ pounds in a bike trailer up hill is an insane workout and it’s such a great reward to be able to coast down the other side. It is so great to be enjoying the outdoors again! This is the time of year when Michigan really shines.

On that note… go play!



Staying home…

My kids are beautiful, sweet, wonderful little people….

Where’s the “but” right?

Here it is: BUT sometimes, I just want to run out the door! Don’t get me wrong. I love staying home with my kids 99….errr 89% of the time. I love being a stay at home mom. I mean, what a rare opportunity to be able to be with my kids all day every day. What a blessing.

Here’s another one: BUT it is really taxing to have two little humans be so dependent on you 24/7. Even when Justin is home, they still ask me for everything. Probably just out of habit from doing it the rest of the time. Having a clingy toddler literally hanging from my legs all day is truly exhausting.

As a stay at home mom, I have a little guilt about feeling this way. I mean, I am so lucky! There are lots of people who would love to stay home with their kids all day. BUT there are days when I just can’t hear the word “Mom” one more time. Days when I feel like my head will explode if one more cup is spilled or one more fight erupts. Some days, going back to work sounds like a vacation. Not to say that working parents have it easier.  I have said before how much respect I have for working parents and I don’t think that Justin has it easier by any means. I do envy the time you all have away though. The time that is yours. Yours to do whatever you want. You can go to lunch and eat a meal uninterrupted. You can go take a nap in your car on your break. You can go to the bathroom BY YOURSELF! You can have a complete thought. Oh to have one complete though again… (I realize there is a typo there, but it so perfectly encompassed the message of the sentence, I decided to leave it)

Again, I love staying at home (Notice the repetition here…That’s the guilt talking). It is nice to have some time away though.. Even if it is just for a trip to Target. Alone time is so precious. I feel guilty about that too because when my Husband is home, I want to spend time with him. At the same time though, that is my only opportunity to get alone time.

This is a really tough age. I know that. I also know that once this really tough age is past, they will be at school, I will be back at work and this time at home with them will be a distant memory. I remember when I was in labor with Hudson, I kept saying “I can’t wait until this is just a memory”. I don’t want to wish time away. I want to enjoy these moments that we do have together. Some days are hard. Like, really hard. But, I do love every single day for a least a least a few hours!