Goodnight Sweetheart

Do your kids come into your bed at night?

Mine will fall asleep in their own bed. They don’t just fall asleep though! They fall into this peaceful, deep, drooling slumber that can only be achieved after the crazy amount of activity they achieve on any given day of the week. They are like this when I leave them in their room for the night. They are like this when I check on them before I go to bed for the night. They are like this all the way up to the minute my head hits my pillow. How do they know!? How do they know that I am finally feeling the relief of my pillow under my head. The relief that is much needed after a day full of fun time, craft time, running around outside time, arguments, time outs, meal making, cleaning, book reading, snuggling and cleaning. They know. They always know.

So last night, right at this moment of relief, I hear Hudson cry out “No no no no no!”. In a scared voice. So my tired mom brain is thinking; “Oh my god! He’s being eaten by a monster or kidnapped by the mice in the attic! I must rush to him!” I’m glad I did, because when I got in there he was bent over the guard rail of his toddler bed. Ready to fall. Poor little guy was still in a panic and breathing heavy. I think he’s been having nightmares the last few nights. He has a history of night terrors and has never been a great sleeper so last night was really no surprise. So I brought him into my bed. Honestly, he ends up there a lot.

Lucy, on the other hand, is typically a great sleeper. She will fall asleep in her bed with minimal fuss and stay there all night. She will also sleep through some of the loudest noises. i.e. roosters crowing outside her window in Hawaii. Last night was different though. This is weird because she has been sick for a few days (better now, thank goodness!) and was really tired when she went to sleep. I really thought she would sleep really well all night. Not the case. After getting Hudson into my bed and settled back to sleep, I hear Lucy’s door creak open. Again, I naturally think it’s a monster or kidnapper. But, in walks Lucy into my room. She woke up and got scared of the dark. So now I have two kids plus me and Justin in my (thankfully) king sized bed. Hudson, naturally, taking up more room than anyone.

I don’t mind when my kids sleep with us. I like having them close and they are always snuggly at night.. But if those kids asked me one more time for their water throughout the night, I was going to go sleep down the hall. Seriously, they must have been dreaming about being lost in a desert or sauna or something else dry and unforgiving. They kept waking me up for it. Every time I finally fell back to sleep the other one would wake up asking for water. It was pretty ridiculous.

So yes, my kids sleep with us sometimes. Some weeks are worse than others. I generally don’t mind. It drives Justin crazy. It’s harder for him when he has to get up for work the next day and Hudson is slicing at his back with his freshly cut toe nails all night…

So do your kids still sleep with you? Or do you get up, get them back to sleep in their bed and then go back to yours?

Pardon the Belfie

I just learned a new word! Belfie! It’s a butt selfie. Knowledge is power.

If you are following Ourdaysinparadise on Instagram (Instagram) you’ve been seeing my stretch challenge pictures. Me and the kids are having a lot of fun taking pictures everyday of a new fun stretch pose. It’s great because it gets me in my stretchy clothes and ready to workout! Aiming my phone which is precariously balanced on a tripod and taking a picture from my watch is a bit of a challenge. Especially when my 2 year old wants to grab it every chance he gets! So fun though!

All together now!
All together now!

I used to get so annoyed that I couldn’t even do a few crunches without a kid crawling on top of me. Through great effort, I’ve found that the less I fight it, the more fun it can be when they join in. Lucy pulls out one of her Elsa blankets and pretends it’s her “oga mat” while Hudson uses my legs as a slide and poses in downward dog right next to me. He can hold a killer plank too! He is tiny but mighty!

This is pretty much the norm
This is pretty much the norm
Pardon the “Belfie” (Butt Selfie haha) The point is Lucy in the background! 😉

Regardless of how difficult it can be to get through a few workout videos, I’m always glad I did it. My kids also get to see me doing something for myself that is healthy which can only be positive for them. As a stay at home mom, I often put myself last in order to put my family first. While that makes my heart happy, it is nice to be giving something to myself that is such an influence on everything else. Since I started putting my health higher on my priority list, my whole family is more active, we eat healthier and everyone is making better choices. Me and Justin are RUNNING! Who are we!?

I will note that everything I do is 100% free and available on youtube. I follow a free calendar on and I try to make clean, healthy meals for my family. We are not perfect but we are in a good place with a nice balance of healthy with a dash of ice cream. If you want to be healthier, the resources are out there. They don’t have to cost a fortune. Just start doing something you like and see where it leads you.

This is what happens when bathing suit season and BBQ season collide! After workout beer!
This is what happens when bathing suit season and BBQ season collide! After workout beer!


Where’s my cocktail!?

“I’m Chilly!!!!!!” She screamed in an accusatory tone. As if I was personally the cause for said chilliness.

In truth, it was a fever causing this chilliness while simultaneously causing the ruin of our action packed weekend. No more BBQs, no more Bonfires with endless S’mores, no more soaking up rays of Vitamin D that my body craves after a long winter. Instead, our weekend was filled with Pedialyte, Disney movies and a quick trip to the hospital.

***Everyone is fine now! It was just a virus.***

Have you ever had a week where you turned to your partner and asked: “Why did we have kids again!?” Yeah…. that happened this weekend.

So, in an effort to stay positive, here are a few reasons why I love my children when they’re sick:

1. They lay on the couch all day so they don’t make messes.

2. They are very snuggly. This is often followed by ME getting sick but that’s ok.

3. It’s an excuse to eat more ice cream. Nothing tastes better than a popsicle or ice cream cone while you’re sick. Lucy opted for a spiderman popsicle from Mr. Cs.

4. I am forced to disinfect everything, so my house has never been more clean.

5. Once said sick child feels better again, they are more easily entertained. Being stuck on a couch watching Tangled for the millionth time gets old quick. Even for a kid.

6. It brings you closer to your spouse. Dealing with cranky sick kids is HARD. Forming a united front against it with your partner is the only way to get through it sanely.

7. It’s a great excuse to run to the corner store for margaritas! (The real way we get through it!)

So there you have it! The silver Lining. I hope this list helps you all through your own children’s inevitable viruses.

Mahalo! (Really missing Hawaii lately!)

Birds are chirping, kids are screaming!

Oh how I love Spring! Waking up to a beautiful, sunny morning with clear skies, birds chirping and flowers blooming everywhere…makes waking up to a toddler who turns on his tantrum switch the second he wakes up, a tiny bit more bearable.

For no reason... He just wanted to cry...
For no reason… He just wanted to cry…

Is this what everyone’s been talking about!? Just screaming and slamming into things over anything? Lucy never did this so I am completely lost on what to do here. He really loses his shit over everything! Right this second he is holding up the buckle on his booster seat at the table and screaming “BUCKLE!!!!!”. Not like a cute scream. A scream that is implying I should be doing something about this buckle yet if I try to do anything about that buckle I will be beheaded. …And now he’s dancing to Daniel Tiger. This is all very confusing.

This is the most challenging age that my children have been so far. Lucy is what I suppose a typical 4 year is: defiant, sassy, sweet and loving. Hudson is one of these things at any point in the day: Snuggly, tantrumy (Yes, I’ve invented that word), sweet and independent or just full on stinker. He’s a real mixed bag.

They play so well together when they want to!
They play so well together when they want to!

This is a fun time because they are getting older and we can do more things. Playing outside is way easier, going shopping is harder, sleep is getting better (knock on wood), playtime is more fun, going places like Greenfield Village is more fun…. It IS a good time. These emotions are just a little crazy right now. I know I am not alone and that really helps! Good luck to you all this weekend as we brave family and friend BBQs trusting our kids to hold it together for at least a few hours. If they don’t, there’s always beer. For you… not the kids.



Run Like the Wind!

Do you run? Like run regularly? I really haven’t ran regularly since high school Softball. It was always my least favorite part of practice but by the time the season was over, I was in great shape!

That was freshman year of high school though which was more years ago than I care to count. So here I am, back at square one trying to teach my body to run again. Luckily, I’ve been pretty into Pilates for the past 6 months which has helped with my endurance levels and muscle tone so that helps a little but yikes!


We started Couch to 5k yesterday. Yes, yesterday. So I’m telling you all about it to hold myself accountable to actually following through with this torturous plan.

The ultimate goal is to actually run the 5k at the Miles for Melanoma (<— Link) run at Lake St. Clair Metro Beach Park on August 2nd. We are participating in honor of my Brother in Law, Matt, who lost his battle with Melanoma this past January. Lauren has named the team The Matt Movement to embrace Matt’s positive attitude and energy toward life. Please click the link to sign up to walk, run or donate to a great cause.

I want to run. I want to be healthy. I want to live a long healthy life. I want to do this in honor of Matt but also for myself and for my family. There are so many factors that are out of our control when it comes to our health and well being, I want to take charge of the things that I can control.

Here’s my Couch to 5k progress so far:

W1 D1 – 2.4 Miles run/walk

The plan for day one alternated back and forth between running and walking. There were times that I felt I could have ran longer without walking but I think the goal was to get you to actually complete the total workout. It was great. At the end of the workout, we felt like we got some good exercise but we weren’t falling on the ground exhausted. So far so good!

I have an app on my phone that is called Couch to 5K that gives instructions on when to do what. It was $1.99. I think there’s a free version but I’m not sure how good that one is. If you would like to join us please download the app and add me as a buddy. I think you do that through Facebook. I know, I hate linking stuff to Facebook but I think it’s just for the purpose of connecting people together in an easy way. Or, hey! Come run WITH us! Either way, I hope I’ve motivated someone else out there to challenge themselves physically. I hope some of you can join us in August and put this training to work at a real 5k!

Please also take a moment to check out the Run for the Ribbon page that was created for my Father in Law who lost his battle to Prostate Cancer early last year. Prostate Cancer is a very real, very scary presence in the Day family and this run/walk helps to raise money and awareness for research. Me and Justin (Justin and I? Oh, F’ it) will be out of town, so unable to attend, but our hearts are in this and we appreciate your participation and/or donations for that as well. Go Team Tom Mofo!

Ok this post was too long and I’m sorry about that BUT thanks for sticking with me and I really hope to see you all pop up on my buddies list in my Couch to 5k app! 🙂

You did WHAT during delivery!?

I think I need a swift slap in the face.

Let me explain… So lately I’ve had a touch of baby fever. I. Do. Not. Get. Baby. Fever. Ever. I didn’t even get that urge before I actually decided I wanted the babies I have! If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t even like babies that much! So what has gotten into me!?

My current babies. My current babies have gotten into me. They are getting so big! I hate it! I love it! But I hate it… I really actually love it though. It’s just so final! My last baby (Yes, we took the option of a 3rd off the table…completely) is starting to be interested in the potty! He’s nowhere near ready for potty training but he sits on it and loves the idea of it all! Frankly, so do I! No more diapers!? Hell yeah! Sorry Luvs but where do I sign up for that?

Meanwhile my oldest, who is four, is pretty much just as capable as a decent percentage of grown adults. Teach her to read and write and she could run the world. Details….

Soon I will be an Aunt to two new little babies and I have friends having babies, so I will at least get my baby snuggles in with them. 🙂

I may have terrified my poor sister with labor stories the other day… Why do we do that?! Why do I do that!? I know better! I guess they are, in a way, like our war stories that need to be told. Our tales of battle with contractions, stitches, and all the wonderful/gory things that happen after that beautiful little baby arrives. It’s fun to trade stories with fellow moms who have lived it too and have their own stories to tell. Pregnant people though… They don’t want to hear it. “Oh hey! You’re  pregnant! Want to hear about everything that went wrong with my last delivery!?” WTF!? Why would anyone want to hear that!?? When I was pregnant for the first time, one girl told me the weirdest (and longest) story about hemorrhoids and her new boyfriend. I am still trying to forget that story… So to my poor, sweet, sister… I am sorry. Labor and delivery and everything beyond will be a brand new experience for you that is nothing like my experience or any of my friends experiences. It will be yours and regardless of how it happens, it will be beautiful.

So let’s just agree to only share labor stories with women who have been through it. Spare the innocent, first timer, pregnant women a few nightmares. You all know how crazy pregnancy dreams are on their own! If you are one of those first timers though, just know that one day you will have your very own tale to tell and it will involuntarily slip out of your mouth at some point when you see a bump or a new baby.

Enjoy your babies. Enjoy your days.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. I definitely enjoyed mine! It’s just so fun to see the kids get excited about the things I used to love when I was a kid.

The only picture that they both smiled for!
The only picture that they both smiled for!

They loved coloring their Easter Eggs. Though, Hudson broke every single one that he touched. A little cling wrap and hot glue fixed those right up though… Lucy got really creative with hers. If you’ve never tried this, check it out next year. She used a paint brush and the normal egg dye and just painted her eggs. They turned out like a water color painting. Very pretty! It might even be a fun parent project if you wanted to decorate with some eggs for your Easter Brunch.

Unfortunately, I did not get a great picture of her watercolor eggs before she decided to put those cling wrap things over them…


Speaking of decorating! My sister Lauren hosted a delicious brunch at her house this year. She set the table with her napkins folded up like little bunny heads! She put a candy filled egg in the middle of it so everyone had a little treat for after dinner. You know, before we stuffed ourselves with yummy desserts! It was very cute and the kids loved it.


As for Lucy’s spring break from school…. The weather report is looking a bit rocky for this week so we are going to seize the day today and go to the park. I’m bummed to see rain but I am excited for it to bring back our green grass and colorful flowers! I am going to try again to grow some fruits and veggies this year. Only this year, I am going to be a little more mindful about what I am growing. Nothing fancy and probably just some potted stuff. Last year was a hodgepodge and everything just fizzled out. So here’s hoping for a better crop! I found this guide on If you are also a newbie, check this out:

I hope all of your Mondays go smoothly! The cleaning bunny didn’t show up to my house last night like I was hoping…. We may have to put that off until tomorrow when it’s raining though! 

Make it a great day!

I did it!

Well, last post, I mentioned that I wanted to work on a few crafting ventures. So, with the chilly weather in mind, I decided to begin with crochet. I googled a how to guide on the basic crochet stitches and found THIS. It was a great guide and had a bunch of stitches with videos and/or walk-through instructions with pictures. My “swatch of learning” looked a little crazy but Lucy got a kick out of it. She was really impressed actually! Isn’t it great how your smallest fans are often your biggest!?

The Swatch of Learning
The Swatch of Learning

After I gained a little confidence, I decided to take on some projects. I started with a basket, figuring that I could use it as a place to store my yarn. It is supposed to have an owl face on it but the yarn color I chose just disappeared into the body of the basket. I’ll have to try it with a different color. Maybe yellow. But I love this basket because it pretty much stretches to whatever shape or size it needs to be! If you would like to attempt this easy basket click here. It is a great project for begginers.

My Basket! With my fun giant knitting needles. I can't really figure knitting out though..
My Basket! With my fun giant knitting needles. I can’t really figure knitting out though..

Then, I thought I’d try my hand at a brimmed hat. I used to have one that I loved and I am pretty bummed that I can’t find it anymore. It disappeared with my sweaters… The downside to moving 5000 miles away. Shit gets lost.

So anyway, I found this pattern: Swirly Brimmed Hat. I decided to just dive right in with the soft chunky yarn I bought. This hat turned out far from perfect but I still like it. I also learned a lot while doing this. I probably unraveled and re did the beginning around 10 times and it still doesn’t look right. Oh well. I like it and I made this fringy scarf to match. Lucy put on most of the little fringes for me and did a great job.

Brimmed Hat and Fringe Scarf
Brimmed Hat and Fringe Scarf

All in all, I really enjoyed my adventure in yarn and crochet. I’m really excited for my next project but I’ll keep that a surprise as I am not sure when I’ll get around to it. I guess the moral of the story here is that if there is something you think you’d like to learn, google it and jump right in! You might be pleasantly surprised at what you learn!

It’s so cold in the D!

It is really cold. Really F$#%ing cold. Oh, and my kids HAVE colds. AGAIN! See folks, this is the time we ask ourselves “Why did we move back here!?”.

Despite the face frosting, finger numbing, cold temperatures, we’ve been having fun inside the house. remember these?

Perler Beads! Still Fun!
Perler Beads! Still Fun!

Perler Beads!! (<– that’s a link if you want a bucket of them with some shape trays)

Lucy made a butterfly and loves it. They only problem has been trying to keep brother away from them!

"MOM! Get him out of here!"
“MOM! Get him out of here!”

All those colorful beads are just too tempting for him!

Another activity that I have been doing is crochet! I decided to teach myself how to do it. My goal is to make a fun afghan with lots of those square patch things or however you do this:

Ooh I love those colors!
Ooh I love those colors!

So I have a long way to go…

I’m also working on my sewing. I have owned a sewing machine and an embroidery machine for a long time now and I am stuck at beginner status with both. I would like to change that!

So I suppose I am making the complete transition into granny status… haha

I’m going to go do something that young people do now! Pilates! If you haven’t heard me talk about yet, here it is… It’s fun, it’s accessible, it’s effective. Check it out here. It’s all free.

Hopefully I gave you some ideas of things to do while you are stuck inside or at least entertained you with what we are up to. Stay warm Michiganders!


Sledding, a bump, and a Sundae

Ever have one of those days that you wanted to make really special but instead have it be an epic failure!? Well, that was Lucy’s birthday…

The birthday girl on the morning of her big day
The birthday girl on the morning of her big day

She really started year 4 off with a bang! We started the day with her annual birthday donut. This year she opted for Tim Bits so technically, donuts. The girl LOVES donuts! After we drove through for our tasty bites, we headed to my friend’s house for some sledding. The snow was a little thick, the air was a little cold, not great sledding conditions but it was getting the job done.  The kids were riding pretty slow so it all seemed safe, fun and easy… Famous last words.  Lucy came up from the bottom of the hill complaining that her hands were frozen and saying that she wanted to go inside. Ok cool, let’s go inside. Oh wait, now she wants to go down one last time… “Uh oh, Lucy hit the tree”…..

I have never seen a lump that large in my life. It was the entire right side of her forehead. Along with the bump were multiple scrapes down the side of her face which I really couldn’t even think about because of the massive bump on her forehead.

One call to the doctor later and a reroute to the ER due to complaints of NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE, we find out she is ok but to watch her for signs of concussion. I don’t think I have ever freaked out that much in my four years of being a parent. Typically I’m pretty calm and collected when it comes to these things. Even when Hudson had blood in his diaper two days after being born, I just knew he was going to be ok. When Lucy said she couldn’t see and said “I need help” I really lost it. I envisioned her entire future of being blind all from that one fateful sled ride on her birthday. Turns out a little blurry vision is pretty common and as a four year old who has never experienced blurry vision, that would be pretty alarming. So thank goodness she is ok and her vision is perfectly fine. Her face is healing at rapid speeds and her birthday wasn’t all bad. We still went out to her choice of restaurant, Leo’s Coney Island, for pancakes. Chocolate chip pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse and topped with strawberries and cream was her exact order. Then we went to Menchies for yummy sundaes and home for presents. She ended the day happy.

After dinner treats at Menchies for my poor wounded baby girl.
After dinner treats at Menchies for my poor wounded baby girl.


My baby girl is 4.