The Days

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Our Days in Paradise!

This site was born when my family moved to Hawaii leaving all our friends and family behind in Michigan. I wanted a way to update them on our adventures in such an amazing place.

We have now returned to Michigan, however, our quest to find paradise in the daily to dos, the mundane, and the ordinary, is now stronger than ever. We love to craft, visit fun places, and find humor in our everyday happenings.

So welcome to our adventure! Hopefully our little blog will inspire you to also find a little paradise in your own life.

A note about Affiliate Links – Sometimes, I’ll post items on here that I genuinely love or think is a great deal and want to share with you. I might attach an affiliate link to that item in the post. If you should feel compelled to purchase that item that I have shared with you, please purchase through that link. A portion of the sale will go toward for the time and care I put into my site. Click with confidence. I will never steer you wrong or post just for the sale. I appreciate your support!


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