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Hawaii will be an amazing experience… But OH.MY.GOD. there is so much to do!

Hawaii will be an amazing experience… But OH.MY.GOD. there is so much to do!

They want Justin (my husband) to start at his new store the 1st week of July.  If you haven’t noticed the date, it is currently June 1st.  In one months time, we need to:
1. Pack up our house
2. Rent it out to amazing, non-needy renter or find a management company to do it for us. 
3. Ship our things to a new amazing home on Oahu that is in a good neighborhood, close to work for Justin, preferably within walking distance to the beach or a great playground, along with a reasonable rent price…Asking too much??
4. Throw an amazing Luau as a going away party and say goodbye to all our friends and family. This one is the only HUGE bummer of this whole arrangement.  The party will be awesome though!

It all started about a month ago when my Husband and I were going through a friends vacation pictures.  They went to Oahu, which is where we went for our honeymoon in 2008.  We started talking about our dream of going on an adventure and living somewhere beautiful.  One month later, we’re planning our move.  Luckily, Justin works for a company who allows for transfers and embraces it as part of their culture.  We have a daughter, Lucy, who is this beautiful thing in the picture.  I think she is going to love Hawaii.  She loves being outside and looks so dang cute in her grass skirt and leis.  I can’t wait to take her to the beach! 

So this blog is my way of documenting our move, our experiences, and “Our Days in Paradise”.

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