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Brrr! Let’s craft!

This winter has been awesome so far. Not only have the temperatures been tolerable but the snow has been great for sledding and the roads have been pretty dry and safe. That being said, my kids don’t like to stay outside for very long play sessions even on the warmest of days. Enter craft time.

Today we broke into something I purchased well before Christmas but never found the right time to play with it – Crayola Air Dry Clay (<– That’s an affiliate link. See my note about what that means on my “About Our Days” page). When I bought it, Amazon was running a sale so I actually got it for a little less than what it is listed for through that link. Shop around if you are interested in buying it.

I was so impressed with this clay! It is very similar to the clay I used in my art classes but this is designed to just air dry. So today I sat the kids at the island with a bucket of beads, some rubber stampers, a few lumps of clay and their imaginations. They both loved it! Hudson’s creation was a little more like a lump of clay with a bunch of stuff, including crumbs off the floor, stuck into it. Lucy, on the other hand, made some great little “clam shells” as she calls them. Now we wait for them to dry. Down side = It takes like three days to dry. BUT! In three days we will have another fun activity of painting our creations! Double whammy of fun activities with one very simple, easy to clean up, material. That to me is a serious winner!


Lucy was also gifted some Sculpey clay for Christmas so she also made some things with that after her clam shells were done. She was on a clay sculpting roll today! That stuff is great because there are a million colors so the kids can create anything they imagine then once it’s baked and glazed, it lasts forever. Hudson did not do as well with that stuff though. This type of clay is best for the 4 and up crowd. The Air Dry clay is great for any age as long as your kid won’t eat it! If they do like to eat their molding material, ask me for my play dough recipe! It’s edible! 🙂 Perhaps I will share that on here someday too. What indoor activities have you all been up to this winter?

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