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A month of madness!

Wow, it’s been a month since we left our comfort bubble of Michigan.  In that one month we have been more active and had more amazing/ fun experiences than we’ve had in the last 4 years combined! We DO things here.  I guess it’s the cool breeze and clear skies that draw us out of the house on a daily basis.  Or maybe it’s that we rent an apartment here so we don’t have the daily home maintenance to keep us house bound.  Whatever it is, I like it! I’ve lost 6lbs, I’m tanner than I’ve been in years, and I am gaining incredible memories of my little family.

To say moving here has been an adjustment is an understatement.  It’s taking some time to get used to seeing my family via Skype vs. in person and I’m working on making some new friends for myself and Lucy.  We joined a local mommy group that gets together frequently doing various activities so that’s been great!

Every time Justin has a day off or even a late start to work we go do something fun.  We’ve been to Hanauma Bay for some incredible snorkeling.  (Though, I wont be back.. too touristy.) Sharks Cove for some even more incredible snorkeling, the Famous Kahuku Shrimp stand on North Shore, the Marketplace in Waikiki, the Zoo, the Aquarium and of coarse Waikiki Beach and so so much more.  I have to say that my favorite place on the island so far is Waikiki Beach.  I realize that is very touristy of me, but here’s why: 1. There’s a breaker wall so the water is calm for Lucy. 2. There aren’t any steep drop offs, it’s just a slow slope into the water. (also good for Lucy) 3. The sand doesn’t get hot.  I don’t know how they accomplish this but it’s amazing.. 4. It’s right by EVERYTHING!  You can go get lunch across the street, check out the zoo or aquarium afterwards, walk to the marketplace or have a picnic lunch in the park.  5. Free parking right down the street.  If you come here with kids, Waikiki is where it’s at.

Everyday has the possibility of being an adventure.  Today, for example, we walked along Kahala Beach and ended up and Kahala Hotel where they have SIX dolphins in a little “lake like”aquarium. So on a walk that I only expected amazing views and some exciting rock throwing for Lucy, we saw Dolphins!  How cool!

Also…thank god for Lisa Johnson! She was Justin’s friend a lifetime ago and she welcomed him into her home while he searched for a home for us.  She has been a great friend to us and it’s so nice to have someone to go do things with! — End random shootout.

Ok imaginary people who (in my head) read my words with excitement and wonder, I’m calling this a post.


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