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From Ocean to Mountains, We are Surrounded by Beauty

This island has a little something for everyone.  For example- While we frequent the many Oahu beaches, the part of this island that I really enjoy, is the mountains.  I could drive up and down the Pali freeway all day everyday.  I love the stunning views of the mountain tops above and the cities below.  I love the way they make me feel so small and how I feel as though I could touch the clouds.  All cheesiness aside.. It smells freakin’ awesome in the valleys too!  Apparently Hawaii has some of the cleanest air around and it’s noticeable!

One reason the air isn’t so clean though… The SMOKERS!  Ahhh!  There are SO many smokers here! Maybe I didn’t notice this in Michigan because we are holed up in doors most the year and it’s illegal to smoke anywhere inside, but wow.  Everywhere I go, I’m following someone with a cigarette.  Way to poison paradise ya stinky bastards! The homeless people are pretty stinky too… That’s sad though so I won’t hate on them.

Paradise is starting to feel more normal to me now.. It still feels like a vacation though.  I guess that is probably my mind trying to cope.  With Fall just around the corner, I find myself longing for flannel and Cider Mills.  I’m definitely going to decorate for the seasons even though we wont see them here.  I need a hint of home to keep me sane!  Speaking of home… We found where want to live next!  Kailua!  It’s so beautiful there!  More suburbs and relaxed living vs. the city life that we’re in now.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our apt. now.  I love that it is clean and new and close to tons of fun places.  I, however, do not like the city life.  I’ve never been a city girl and I don’t think I ever will be.  It’s too congested for me.  I want to go for a walk in a neighborhood rather than down a busy city street where I have to stop at a crosswalk every block.  So come January we’ll be moving.

To those who read this, thank you!  I am new to blogging and am still trying to figure out what type of blogger I am.  Right now this is an experiential blog about living here in Hawaii, and while that was always my intention, I feel that it could be so much more… So I’ll put some thought into it and we’ll see what happens.  According to my blog stats, I have some international followers, so Aloha to you readers from afar!  ‘Til next time… Mahalo.

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