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Soup season is in full effect folks! With all the soup recipes floating around on Pinterest, you’d think I’d be able to find some good options. Is it possible to make a low sodium soup? While salt is delicious and makes things, such as soup, super yummy I am pretty sensitive to it and kind of enjoy my healthy heart and blood pressure… So I will throw this question out to you. What soups are EASY, cheap and low in sodium that actually taste good? Thank you in advance for your ideas!

Speaking of health- I am so excited for Halloween! We all have our costumes and fun hair sprays in a variety of colors to complete our fun family themed costumes. Stay tuned for what they actually are but if you know us, you probably already know. We have our plans set for halloween parties and after trick or treating festivities too. We are on it this year. I even have my cauldron full of candy, ready to pass out. Let’s just hope it lasts that long! Here I am concerned about salty soup yet I just shoveled a fun sized snickers bar in my mouth… #conflicted

Dori gets it
Dori gets it

The other day I was lucky enough to go for a walk with just my sweet Lucy girl. We walked around our sub looking at the changing leaves and all the fun Halloween decorations everyone has on their front porches and talked. I love having one on one time with her. It was something that we used to have so much of and now that Hudson is with us it is rare and precious. This is such a great time of year to step away from the social stuff that has kept us out and about and refocus on our family, our kids, our life… It’s nice to have a little time for lazy walks with my kiddo on a cool fall evening.

Me and my Lu
Me and my Lu

So again, please send me some ideas on the soups. Also, check out my “getting healthy” tab for the latest on my workout stuff. I’ve been keeping up with the calendar so far so I’m pretty pumped about that. It is definitely a challenge finding that time from day to day but it’s worth it. If you are interested in joining me just go to Blogilates.com for the free calendar and go on youtube for the free videos. There’s no “right time” so drop that fun sized Snickers bar and join in now! I’d love the company! 🙂

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