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It’s raining, It’s pouring…

Well, when it rains it pours… and today it’s pouring boredom! There’s not a whole lot to do on a tropical island when it’s raining all day.  That being said, our little 900ish square foot apartment looks like toys r us threw up all over my floors! What have I learned today? That my child needs a friend and some better toys!

I would feel worse if we didn’t have such a big day yesterday.  We started the day yesterday with a trip to Leonards for some hot, fluffy sugary molasadas and donuts.  Apparently Leonards is famous, because people arrive there by the bus load.  At all hours of the day you can see people standing outside Leonards with their little stuffed molasada held up in the air getting their picture taken. I mean, they ARE super yummy.  To describe them, I’ll say this… They taste like if an elephant ear and a donut had a baby.  Yum!

Besides Leonards, we had a nice family day.  We took Lucy to the Keike Zoo at the Honolulu Zoo.  The Keike Zoo (Kid Zoo) is a petting zoo with some neat tunnels for kids to crawl through and stinky animals for them to pet.  There is a goat pen that you can actually walk into and pet the goats.  Last time we were there one of them tried to eat my shorts!  Tell me you didn’t just read that in a Bart Simpson voice!  They also have a big fish tank that has a tunnel through it and a hole in the middle.  So kids can pop up in the middle of the tank and feel like they’re in with the fish.  Justin crawled in there with Lucy and I think she got a kick out of it.  I got some cute pictures of the two of them stuffed in that little tunnel.

The peacocks have the run of the zoo and for whatever reason like 5 of them decided to congregate right outside the Keike Zoo exit.  Lucy, being a bird lover, decided to approach them with her hands on her hips like she had wings too.  She is so funny with all her little mannerisms.

To cap off the day we went to Waikiki beach for a swim.  It was a hot day and the water felt great!  I know we go to this beach all the time, but it’s always fun and really beautiful in the evening hours.  It’s fun to watch Lucy and Justin play together.  She loves her Daddy and he definitely loves her too.

So that was our day of fun that was followed by our day of boredom.

Till next time, Aloha.

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