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I murdered my abs today…

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On with the post!

I’m really going to feel todays workout tomorrow! I’m not really sure why I’m straying from the Blogilates calendar so much right now. Cassey puts together really organized workout plans every month and I usually love them. For whatever reason, I’ve been into creating my own thing right now. If I do follow the calendar, I will just tell you that I did the calendar that day. It’s free on her website when you sign up for her newsletter. I don’t want to take away from my favorite site so just go sign up for it! There’s a beginners calendar too!

SO today I did:

Train Insane HIIT Workout – Blogilates

Hips, Butt ‘n Thighs Super Shaper Workout – Blogilates

1000 Abs Challenge – Blogilates ***This one is crazy hard. I probably did about 750/1000. Watch your neck! You MUST lift with your shoulders or you will be sore for all the wrong reasons! That’s my non professional advice right there but seriously.. careful.***

All in all, my watch informed me that I worked out for 50 minutes doing these 3. Some of that time was spent switching between videos and intro talking on the videos but it felt well rounded and I’m satisfied with that.

Today was all from Blogilates because I love it and Cassey is more fun than a lot of the other fitness instructors out there in YouTube land.

Please let me know if you try any of these workouts! You can private message me if you want or leave a comment. It’s fun to have a community. I really found that on Instagram and I would love to have that here as well!

PS- It’s called Pop Pilates and it doesn’t require any fancy pilates equipment. 🙂


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