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It’s an uphill battle but worth the trip!

Makapu’u lighthouse trail is great for anyone who is in reasonable shape.  It’s a paved path up a moderately steep mountainside with many places to stop and enjoy the view.  For those of you who are still trying to pronounce Makapu’u I will lay it out phonetically: Mock-ah-poo-oo. You’re welcome.  What we learned from our trip up the Makapu’u trail is that going up a moderately steep hill while pushing about 40-45 pounds of stroller and toddler makes it a wee bit harder.  We alternated pushing the stroller and as soon as that stroller left my hands, it felt like I was lighter than air!

Along the route up we noticed places where we stopped to take pictures on our honeymoon four years ago.  I took a picture of Justin that mirrors one of our favorites from that trip.  He even has the same shorts on!  I guess it’s time to buy him some new shorts! The lookout spot is really beautiful.  You get a view of Molokai and we even think we saw Lanai!  It was a nice break from the Iron Man competition of pushing that freakin’ stroller!
Here’s a comparison shot of Justin’s old and new pictures:

August 2008
September 2012
Once we got to the top, Lucy had a ball!  She was so excited to see the water.  She was sticking her little finger out and saying “Ooooh!”  There are a couple different lookout spots at the top.  One is up a set of stairs followed by a patch of rocky ground.  Lucy was loving walking on the rocky area.  She really has a true love for nature.  Anything from her fishes, to a dry rocky spot of land, makes her light up with joy.  It’s so much fun watching her grow up and develop interests on her own.  Living here in Hawaii has definitely made it easier to expose her to what she loves!  
We can also expose her to what she doesn’t love.  Which today meant taking her on a hike up the Diamond Head Crater.  She was crying or fussing aboouuutt 90% of the time.  She hasn’t been feeling very well lately and I think the heat got to her.  Next time we’ll go much earlier to avoid the stronger sun rays.  
Diamond Head was also a moderate level hike.  The biggest difference in challenge level is the terrain.  While Makapu’u is smooth and paved, Diamond Head is rocky and uneven most of the way.  On the way back down we stopped for water and there was a man in a wheelchair who said he was bouncing all over the place while his brother tried to pull him up.  Props to him to for trying though! But I digress… So on the way up we tried to put Lucy in a carrier on Justin’s back.  It’s an Ergo, so it’s designed for kids up to 45 pounds.  It’s vented and cushy so it seemed like it would be a great option.  Well, Lucy said WEEE WEEEE for about 2 minutes, then she was pretty quiet, then she had enough and started crying.  So we carried her all the way up with her crying on and off.  Now, please don’t think we were torturing our child by forcing her to do this.  She was crying because she wanted to walk on her own.  The problem with that was that the guard rails were open and just the right size for little toddlers to fall through! Also, as I said before, the terrain was really uneven and it was a skinned knee waiting to happen.  Once again though, Hawaii did not disappoint.  The hike up the hill and what seemed to be an endless amount of stairs paid off.  It’s always neat to see the big city surrounded by the mountains and water.  There are so many places with amazing views here and they all offer a little something different.  On the way down, Lucy asked for water.  I gave her the cup and she took a drink… then she threw her cup off the cliff like a rock star.  Time for new sippys! 
Other than climbing up hills, we’ve been experiencing some pretty “normal” days.  By normal, I mean, running to the grocery store or hitting up the mall..  Going to the mall here is actually pretty cool.  Now, Justin’s mall isn’t anything to write home about (or blog about) but Ala Moana is AMAZING!  It’s huge and has every store you could ever want to shop in.  It’s kind of like Sumerset Mall in that there is an entire branch of the mall that I don’t even bother walking down because it’s so crazy expensive!  As long as I have Old Navy and Gap Kids, I’m happy.  Also, they have the most amazing food court you’ve ever seen.  EVERY type of food is represented.  You can get Poke, Orange Chicken or a Panini with countless other options in between.  So yeah, very normal days lately.  A few rainy days but we are definitely not experiencing fall weather!  Although, my apartment smells like fall thanks to my mom!  She sent me an amazing care package loaded with fall things and two fall smelling candles.  It’s nice to have a hint of home while 5,000 miles away.

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Till next time, Mahalo

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