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It’s HOT! Cool down with these fun activities.

This week is supposed to continue to be hot hot hot! It’s probably going to be some of the last hot days we have left this year so I figure we should take advantage. I did some Pinteresting, and found some really great ideas to keep our kids busy and cool while they play outside. These are all activities that use items you most likely already have around the house. If not, the dollar store probably has whatever you need for cheap.

Freeze Dough – This is a great craft that uses shave cream and your very own freezer.

Lego Excavation – Super fun for the lego lover. They have to melt or chisel their way into the ice to save their favorite lego guys. Careful with the little babes during this craft. While I think Lucy could handle this with supervision, I’m not sure Hudson could…Even if I was standing right there. Stinker.

Fizzy Ice – I love this one because everything is “edible”. My little man puts everything in his mouth so with baking soda, ice, and vinegar as the main components to this activity, it seems like a winner to me.

Sharpie Mugs – This one is not so much an activity to keep cool as it is an activity to keep busy. My kids love to draw and paint on anything that feels forbidden. This feels like the perfect way to combine their rebellious natures with a productive craft. Productive because these would make great gifts for various holidays and would be nice to have on hand when the need arises.

Now it also seems that the remainder of this week calls for a bit of rain. The good news is that most of these things can be done indoors as well. So beat the heat. Do something crafty and fun to make some last minute summer memories!

Have fun!


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