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We Had Visitors!

Wow! It’s been too long since my last post.  Too much has been going on!  The best thing that has happened lately is that we had  our first visitors!  My dad and sister Caitlin flew in for an action packed week of fun in the sun!  We did so much, I feel like I need a vacation from their vacation!  We went to the top of  the Makapu’u trail, Kailua Beach Park, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head and so much more.  The highlight of our trip, at least in my opinion, was our hike through Palolo Valley.

I am not sure any description here will truly do the journey justice.  You start out at a tiny opening right next to a row of mailboxes.  A spot that immediately brings the question of what are we getting ourselves into?! Two steps into the trail you begin to feel like you’re in Jurassic Park.  Like, a giant T-Rex is going to step out and eat your face off any second.  Seriously..  Now, I use the term “trail” loosely here.  The “trail” was more like a slightly beaten down path that follows along side of a pipe and gives you literally INCHES of foot space between the side of the mountain you’re climbing and a cliff that leads to a sure death if you fall over.  Oh and did I mention the rocks that you need to climb with the help of a rope that was placed there by god knows who, god knows how long ago!? Yeah, it was a little crazy but man was it beautiful in there.  About an hour into the hike, you arrive at the top of your first waterfall and you forget about how your foot slid out from under you and almost sent you plummeting to your doom.  You just look down from the top and see what beauty to you climbed through.  Everything was so lush and green in there.  It was “true Hawaii” in there.  No buildings or traffic filled roads or sidewalks overrun with tourists.  Just us and Nature.  We then proceeded to climb up two more waterfalls after that.  We were all WIPED by the time we were about 3/4 up the third waterfall so we decided to use our remaining energy for the trip back.  Someone really needs to put in a zip line at the end of that hike!  The trip back was so hard and felt 10 times more dangerous without the thrill of a new adventure and all our energy.

We did have a few scares along the way there and back.  My dad almost fell off a waterfall and also somehow went headfirst over the side of the trail into some brush! My sister swung face first into a rock wall, my foot slid over the side, and at one point we stopped for water and suddenly heard a large swarm of buzzing bugs over our heads that sounded like bees.  Luckily we can laugh about it now! It was an experience we wont forget and so worth every scare!  I am so proud of all of us.  This was definitely challenging for all four of us and certainly something we hadn’t done before.  We all worked together to find our path and pull each other back to safety.

It was so great to see my family.  I am still exhausted from all the activities of their trip!

In other news, me and Lucy are gearing up for our first trip home to Michigan next month.  We will be home for a little over 2 weeks.  Im really excited to see my family and be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.  I’m also super excited to see my new (2nd?) cousin!  My cousin is having a baby in a few weeks and I can’t wait to snuggle that little baby girl!  Until then, we are going to be boring.  I’ll be starting Lucy’s Halloween costume this week so I’ll be posting about our DIY adventure with that in the near future.

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