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My Husband is my Hero and here’s why..

A typical day in the Day house is never typical. It is always different, always challenging, always precious. Everyone (i.e. anyone over 50 who sees you shopping with your kids at Target struggling to get all your groceries and contain your toddler at the same time..) talks about soaking up your children’s youth while it’s here. As if we parents are so caught up in our lives that we don’t see it. We do. Trust me, we see how incredible our daughter is with her wild imagination and goofy sense of humor. We see how sweet and loving our little boy is. We appreciate and cherish every moment. Even the hard ones. Because during this time- this precious, fleeting, time- our babies are growing so fast we are in a panic trying to soak up every beautiful moment they give us.

Lucy choked yesterday. Like full on, mint stuck in her throat, gasping for air, choked. My heart stopped. Until my hero of a Husband grabbed her and preformed the Heimlich Maneuver on her, my heart did not beat. My life force, my air, my world, was in danger. I was completely frozen. I don’t think I have ever been that scared in my life. It was such a stupid thing to choke on too. It was one of those soft crappy mints that are at every event you’ve ever been to. They basically melt into goo the second they hit your tongue. Never did I ever think that would be the thing that my daughter would end up choking on. I am crazy about cutting up my kids food into bite sized pieces. I always think about choking. It’s been my #1 fear since I became a mother. I added extra milk to their rice cereal because I was afraid it was too thick and gloopy. A stupid gooey mint…  She threw them all in the garbage after the whole ordeal was over in an attempt to teach them a lesson. She has also proclaimed that we will never have those mints in her house again.

Parenting is hard shit. It is so stressful and scary and overwhelming like 99% of the time. If this were any other job, I’d quit! But I love it! I love it so freaking much. What I have learned so far in my whopping 4 1/2 years of parenthood.. (get ready, this is some serious veteran knowledge coming at you).. is that you have to learn to chill the F out and have a good sense of humor about things. Otherwise you will turn into a giant ball of stress. I don’t know what that looks like but I imagine it as a giant ball with like cat fur standing on end. Like in a comic when a cat gets scared or something, but it’s not a cat…it’s a ball.

WTF did I just say?

On that note… Kiss your babies, throw away your mints, and don’t turn into a cat like ball.


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