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Happy Halloween!!

Halloween here has been bitter sweet.  Sweet, because Halloween is always fun and it was a lot of fun to make Lucy’s costume and have her actually understand that she was dressed up like Elmo!  Bitter, because Fall is my favorite season in Michigan and I really miss the changing leaves, cider mills, pumpkin patches and COLD AIR!  All in all, though, we’ve had a great halloween already and it’s only the 30th!

For Lucy’s costume, I knew she would be Elmo but I needed it to not be too warm and I wanted it to be at least a little girly.  She is a girl after all.  Target had a furry hooded option that would have been a torture devise in this 85 degree heat.  I can’t get over all the warm clothing they sell in the stores here!  So that was not an option for us.  So I decided to go the homemade route.  Off to Walmart I went to stock up on tulle, a stretchy headband, ribbon and some felt.  Now, I was lucky that by coincidence, my friend Lisa decided to duck out of work early and was looking something to do that afternoon.  So while I threaded strip after strip of tulle into tiny little holes in a headband, Lisa kept me sane by being someone to talk to and Lucy always loves her jewelry so she was busy.   After all the tulle was on I cut out Elmo’s eyes, nose and mouth and hot glued them to the front.  All that was left at that point was to put it on the kid and thread ribbon through for some straps.  Voila!  A light weight, girly Elmo costume!

We took Lucy to the Honolulu Zoo for their Halloween event.  It was so much fun.  There was a guided tour in the dark filled with fun scary facts about the animals.  The animals were a little ornery which added to the thrills.  The Lion was roaring loud enough to hear him across the zoo and the Chimps were charging the glass partition (that separates us from them) and slamming their bodies into the glass.  It was like a scene from the end of “I am Legend”.  It was really neat to see all the animals at night.  It was a totally different experience from our normal day trips.

As it turns out, I was really happy that we chose to do the Zoo event on Friday rather than Saturday.  On Saturday we had our first tsunami scare!  At about 7:30 I got a phone call from Justin telling me to turn on the news because there was an earthquake off the coast of Canada which spurred a tsunami that was headed right for us.  They only evacuated the shore line communities and some people were only evacuated vertically within their buildings.  We, luckily, do not live in those neighborhoods so we just filled our gas tank and laid low for the night.  No one really knew what to expect because the tsunami was coming from a different direction than they had previously dealt with and there weren’t any other land masses between us and the earthquake.  The news stations were having a field day with this and  started telling people who were stuck in traffic to abandon their vehicles and head to higher ground on foot.  Nothing like adding a little panic to people’s evacuation plan.  The tsunami was expected to arrive at 10:30pm.  I think they actually said something ridiculous like 10:28pm but I digress…  So me and Justin sat in front of the TV and waited for the first images of this wild tsunami crashing into our island…we waited…waited…waited….I went to bed….Justin waited….NOTHING! haha  The waves were the same size, if not smaller than what they are on any typical day.  So Phew! We survived our first tsunami! Never a dull moment here on the islands!

Till next time, Mahalo!

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