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Our great adventure!

Oh my god! We’re a real family. Like a real, grown up, family. We do things like go on vacations to great up northy places and go sight seeing. When. Did. This. Happen….

S'mores! So. Many. S'mores!
S’mores! So. Many. S’mores!

Seriously, when did we turn into a real legit family?! Up until this point, we’ve been pretty focused on having babies and feeding, clothing, changing diapers of said babies. Now we’re doing stuff as a family. We have two kids who function in this world with enough competence for us to be able to go to a place like Tahquamenon Falls and a BEAR zoo without it being a stressful experience. So crazy. Just, so crazy.

I think I fit the whole house in the T&C.
I think I fit the whole house in the T&C.

We visited the Upper Peninsula of our great state of Michigan. Truth be told, there isn’t a whole lot going on up there, but that’s kind of the point. We had a cabin/house in what they would call a subdivision. We would call it BFE. It was right on Lake Michigan with “sweeping views of the Mackinac Bridge” as the ad would say. Truly it was a view of the tip of one of its peaks and the flat part. Still cool though. We packed that cabin full with two families of four and we couldn’t have been happier. We have great friends in our lives and are so lucky to have a family whom we love spending that much time with.

The greatest Vacationing group of all time!
The greatest Vacationing group of all time!

Reality hit me while we were waiting for a table at the Pink Pony on Mackinac Island. We were all standing around with a delicious Michigan beer in one hand and a sleeping/sleepy kid in the other just praying that our table would be ready soon. As we were standing there, I looked around and saw other families coming in with their sleepy kids doing the same thing we were. Suddenly, I was like: “Oh my god, we are a family!”. Not that I didn’t know we were a family in the technical sense, I just hadn’t realized or perhaps, noticed, that we were done growing and now just… are. We are this family. It will never change. We are only going to grow older and do cooler and cooler things. It was really exciting to actually notice this. Snap back to reality- we got our table and were seated on a balcony with a beautiful view of the lake and all the boats coming in and out of the island. If you’re up there, check that place out. The whitefish tacos were the bomb and the kids loved the pretzel appetizer.

My little goofball. Still rocking my Ergo.
My little goofball. Still rocking my Ergo.

Funny side note: While we were waiting for our table (which was a pretty long wait) me and my friend, Candi, wandered over to a fudge shop across the street by ourselves. The way we zoned into watching that man make his fudge.. loaf? that sounds bad.. roll? no no loaf makes more sense… his fudge loaf (I’m dying laughing over that…I’m such a child)…. You would think we were getting a massage. Watching him go around and around flipping it up over itself so perfectly was hypnotizing. Without kids! #momporn (don’t actually use that hashtag. It will probably pull up some weird stuff.)

Being on such a traditional, Michigan summer vacation gave me such nostalgia for when I was that sleepy kid on a vacation with my parents. I have so many great memories of our family vacations. I am thrilled to be able to give my kids those memories too. Whenever they finally start to retain them anyway.. Luckily we have this great technology now that allows us to take a billion photos and keep them perfectly preserved forever! Viva la iCloud!

Lucy got in touch with her "outdoorsy" side. As much as she wanted to anyway..
Lucy got in touch with her “outdoorsy” side. As much as she wanted to anyway..

We had such a great vacation. Just the right amount of relaxation and exploration. This summer has been epic. I hope yours is just as incredible!

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