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No more candy, just fun times!

Well, now that the candy has dwindled and our sugar buzzes have worn off, we are back into our “normal” routine around here.  Lucy and I are, however, gearing up for our big journey back to Michigan.  We will be there for over two chilly weeks!  I can’t wait to be cold!  Unfortunately Lucy doesn’t have any winter clothes.  After going through her clothes today, I found 2 outfits that will work after I buy her some sweaters.  Sooo looks like a trip to Old Navy is in order!  Can’t say I mind that!  Other than clothing, I’m brainstorming ways to keep the little one occupied for the 15 hours of travel time.  I’m hoping most of that will be full of naps but I’m probably shooting myself in the foot even putting that sentence out into the universe so I will make a run on sentence that ends in TAKE BACK!

Other than sorting through clothes that make me sweat just looking at them, we’ve been spending time exploring the island a little more.  We recently went on a hike called Mariners Trail.  It was a pretty easy hike in that the path was well formed and there wasn’t any rock climbing involved.  So we decided to bring Lucy along.  Having previously rejected a backpack carrier when we tried Diamond Head, we chose to just carry her on up.  Or, I should say, Justin carried her on up.  She walked a little bit but Justin definitely built some muscles from all that carrying.  It was worth the trip up though.  There was a beautiful view of the East side of the island.  I think we were looking over toward Kailua.  I mean, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll have a great view from any of the hikes here.  It was a nice hike and some great exercise.  We followed up our hike with breakfast at Bogarts where I got the best Acai Bowl ever.  Those things are good!  It’s like frozen Pureed Acai topped with granola, berries, bananas and honey.  Yum!

Lucy has been showing off her counting skills lately.  She can currently count to 6 all by herself!  Sometimes she skips 5 but when she pulls her bath toys out one by one and counts them as she goes, it really blows my mind.  She also is repeating everything we say so we’re trying to be extra careful what we say around here.  What a little sponge!

Well, that’s what is happening lately!  Till next time, Mahalo!

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