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145 Jellyfish Stings at Waikiki and None at Ala Moana

Well Justin had Thursday off so we decided to change it up from our normal trip to Waikiki Beach and give Ala Moana a second chance.  We didn’t have the best experience there the first time we went so I didn’t have very high hopes.  The first time we went there it just felt a little dirty.  Or I guess just more “broken in”.  It’s more of a local beach rather that a typical tourist spot so it doesn’t get that extra TLC that it could really use.  So anyway, we decided to try it again and we actually had a nice day.  There were like 10 newly wedded couples getting pictures taken down there.  Every time I turned around another big white fluffy dress came strolling toward the beach.  So that was cool to see!  The swimming area was almost completely enclosed so that means no big waves and limited sea life.  There were, however, flags and signs up warning about jellyfish.  So Justin spoke to the lifeguard and found out that that particular beach was one of the safest to swim at because of the way it’s blocked off.  Well, the next day Justin is reading the news and sees this headline: 145 box jellyfish stings reported in Waikiki, none at Ala Moana!  So crazy! It was such a random decision for us to turn away from our tried and true beach!

There are some moments that happen in life that make me think that some things are meant to be.  I never want to see Lucy get stung or hurt by anything!  So thank you Justin for throwing that suggestion out there!

I can’t believe we’re only a few days away from our great journey to Michigan!  I can’t wait to have playdates with friends (mine and Lucy’s) and see my family!

That’s all for now.  Till next time, Mahalo!

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