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Goodnight Sweetheart

Do your kids come into your bed at night?

Mine will fall asleep in their own bed. They don’t just fall asleep though! They fall into this peaceful, deep, drooling slumber that can only be achieved after the crazy amount of activity they achieve on any given day of the week. They are like this when I leave them in their room for the night. They are like this when I check on them before I go to bed for the night. They are like this all the way up to the minute my head hits my pillow. How do they know!? How do they know that I am finally feeling the relief of my pillow under my head. The relief that is much needed after a day full of fun time, craft time, running around outside time, arguments, time outs, meal making, cleaning, book reading, snuggling and cleaning. They know. They always know.

So last night, right at this moment of relief, I hear Hudson cry out “No no no no no!”. In a scared voice. So my tired mom brain is thinking; “Oh my god! He’s being eaten by a monster or kidnapped by the mice in the attic! I must rush to him!” I’m glad I did, because when I got in there he was bent over the guard rail of his toddler bed. Ready to fall. Poor little guy was still in a panic and breathing heavy. I think he’s been having nightmares the last few nights. He has a history of night terrors and has never been a great sleeper so last night was really no surprise. So I brought him into my bed. Honestly, he ends up there a lot.

Lucy, on the other hand, is typically a great sleeper. She will fall asleep in her bed with minimal fuss and stay there all night. She will also sleep through some of the loudest noises. i.e. roosters crowing outside her window in Hawaii. Last night was different though. This is weird because she has been sick for a few days (better now, thank goodness!) and was really tired when she went to sleep. I really thought she would sleep really well all night. Not the case. After getting Hudson into my bed and settled back to sleep, I hear Lucy’s door creak open. Again, I naturally think it’s a monster or kidnapper. But, in walks Lucy into my room. She woke up and got scared of the dark. So now I have two kids plus me and Justin in my (thankfully) king sized bed. Hudson, naturally, taking up more room than anyone.

I don’t mind when my kids sleep with us. I like having them close and they are always snuggly at night.. But if those kids asked me one more time for their water throughout the night, I was going to go sleep down the hall. Seriously, they must have been dreaming about being lost in a desert or sauna or something else dry and unforgiving. They kept waking me up for it. Every time I finally fell back to sleep the other one would wake up asking for water. It was pretty ridiculous.

So yes, my kids sleep with us sometimes. Some weeks are worse than others. I generally don’t mind. It drives Justin crazy. It’s harder for him when he has to get up for work the next day and Hudson is slicing at his back with his freshly cut toe nails all night…

So do your kids still sleep with you? Or do you get up, get them back to sleep in their bed and then go back to yours?

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