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To Grandmothers house we go!

We made it!  I successfully flew across ocean and land for 12+ hours with a Toddler on my lap (by myself) and and I am still here to tell the story!  I have to say, people really like to panic mothers of toddlers with their horror stories and cautionary tales of their sister’s friend’s cousin’s past experience.  If you have a toddler and are considering a long trip but are nervous about it, just go!  The fact is, your kid is going to be your kid regardless of their environment and all you can do is keep calm and pack lots of activities and snacks to keep them occupied.  It’s only a day!  You were in labor for that long (maybe longer) and you made it through that fiasco so it seems that a little plane ride should be a piece of cake!

So anyway… Our trip was absolutely wonderful!  It was just what I needed to get into the holiday spirit and inject myself with a little Michigan winter.  Lucy got to see her family, play in the snow and play with her friends.  I also got to do those things and I was able to see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 which was possibly they worst movie ever made.  I LOVE Twilight.  I read the series twice and have enjoyed all the movies but that hunting scene was SO BAD and once that CG baby came out I wanted to burst out laughing.  Luckily the fight scene was pretty exciting so all in all, I still loved the movie but dear god… they really pushed me to my limits of what I will love in the name of Twilight.

Now that we are back in Hawaii, I feel like I’m on vacation.  After feeling that Michigan cold, the weather here is making me confused.  It’s actually beautiful here right now!  The high is around 80 and the house is a perfect temperature all day.  A nice change from when we would start smelling like roast chickens by mid afternoon!  I do need to hit the beach ASAP so I can get my tan back!  My skin is beginning to blind people..

Christmas is a really big deal here apparently and last night was a great example of that.  Yesterday was the opening ceremony for City Lights.  There was a parade, a tree lighting, lots of light displays, a kids carnival and lots to eat.  The lights were really pretty and Lucy had a ball watching the parade! Me and Justin traded off holding her on our shoulders so she could see over the crowd.  She was dancing along with the music and cheering for the dancers.  We thought she was going to bounce right off our shoulders!  The food is really interesting at the events here.  Rather than elephant ears and deep fried snickers bars, they have Poke (raw fish), Guava Chicken and other local dishes that I couldn’t begin to explain.  I was shocked to find a hamburger stand!  Im glad we did though! Lucy ate almost a whole burger by herself!  She is particularly picky right now so anytime she eats anything in it’s entirety that is not a bowl of strawberries, it’s something to celebrate!   The whole event was a lot of fun and well worth the crazy crowds and tricky parking.

All in all, it’s good to be home.  I really missed Justin and Lucy lit up as soon as she saw him so I know she missed him too.  So until we do something interesting again, Mahalo!

PS- Santa Claus: The Movie is the greatest movie ever!

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