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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone! For many, this season means, warm feelings, family gatherings, good food and lots of love.  For others, it means wanting to rip your hair out from trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!  I am somewhere in between…

Our house looks festive! We went and picked out our first real Christmas tree!  It was so fun to walk through the field of trees and have the guy chop it down for us.  He even gave us some extra branches to use for decorating.  As weird as it feels to be celebrating this time of year in 80 degree temperatures, it does help to see the lights and decorations around the house.  By the looks of our bedroom, it looks like Santa has already arrived!  We currently have a pile of large boxes piled up in the corner of our room filled with Lucy’s gifts.  We have plenty of space to live in our apartment, but Santa storage was not included!

We also announced recently that we are expecting Baby #2! He or She is expected to arrive June 6th, 2013.  Lucy likes to point to my stomach and say “Baby” and if we ask her to kiss the baby, she’ll lift my shirt and kiss my stomach.  I’m not sure she really gets it but I think it will be easier to explain once my stomach gets bigger.  We find out the gender of Baby Day on January 7th!  That has always been such a big day for us.  I not only know a ton of people with that birthday (My sister included) but it was also Lucy’s due date.  Crazy!

The weather here is amazing right now!  I know!  I’m sorry! But, it’s true!  It’s the perfect warm during the day where I’m perfectly comfortable in capris and tank top and it’s nice and cool at night so I can cover up and not sweat!  I love it!  Although, the other day we went to Kailua Beach and the wind made it a little chilly!  We never even went in the water, which isn’t strange for me but the fact that Justin never went in says something!  Lucy had a great time though!  I wish there was a way to guarantee that she would remember our time here.  She loves the beach so much!  She runs around in the sand and throws rocks in the water and when she falls, it’s ok because it’s nice and soft.  So anyway… We actually checked out Lanikai Beach which is said to be one of the nicest beaches in the world.  It is nice! Very nice!  The sand is super soft, the water is a gorgeous shade of teal blue and the shore line is incredibly picturesque.  That being said… It’s not our favorite.  There aren’t any bathrooms or showers first of all.  That really doesn’t work for a pregnant chick and Justin can’t stand not showering after being in the ocean.  The cool thing about Lanikai and Kailua beaches is there are kite surfers everywhere!  It’s pretty cool to see them zipping around the water faster than what seems safe for anyone attached to huge kite by a rope!

Aside from the crazy holiday shopping and chilly beach visits, it’s business as usual over here.  Until next time, Mahalo!

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