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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  We certainly did over here!  There were some rough patches on Christmas Eve, but I’ll get to that later…

Technology is a beautiful thing.  I mean think about it, not that long ago, we would only be able to share our christmas through pictures (sent through the MAIL) and a phone call.  Now we have this beautiful technology of FaceTime and Skype which allow us to see each other in the moment and share a holiday together from 5,000 miles away!  It’s especially awesome with Lucy because, while me and Justin are our boring old selves, Lucy changes by the minute.  It is really cool to show her latest facial expression or funny new thing she’s saying.  At the moment her latest “thing” is her story about Santa and the reindeer.  She says: “Santa, reindeer, Aghghghhh tooties”.  Tooties= cookies, she still pronounces her hard Cs and Ks like Ts.  It’s a very funny story.

So anyway! What did we DO on Christmas Eve and Christmas?  Well, we started Christmas Eve off with a Whale Watching breakfast cruise.  It was a huge four story boat with lots of room to roam and watch for Whales.  The cruise started off with a nice buffet breakfast.  While we were waiting in line for the buffet, the boat started getting a little rocky…by a little I mean a lot and by rocky I mean we could barely stand up right without holding onto something.  So me and Justin started getting a little woozie but powered through the buffet line with Lucy on my hip attempting to stuff our faces with food to help us feel better.  Well, by the time we got to our table and I put Lucy in her highchair, we noticed that Lucy didn’t look quite right.  She was holding her mouth with both hands and crying.  It quickly became obvious that while we were fighting off that woozie feeling, poor Lucy got it the worst.  Her stomach started heaving so I had Justin rummaging through my diaper bag for a diaper baggie (you know those things that look like dog poop bags) so I could catch whatever came out before it got all over me.   Well, THANK GOD she hadn’t eaten yet so they were just heaves.  I rushed her to the bathroom just in case and ended up getting her to eat some roll which seemed to help a little.  So we went back to our seats, I ate some food, stuffed another roll in my bag and we hurried out to the deck to get some fresh air.  Poor little Lucy was not interested in anything but nuzzling into my chest and shutting her eyes.  Which was unfortunate because we saw a whole bunch of Dolphins jumping through the water.  That was the first time we’ve seen dolphins in the wild since moving here.  That, however, was the only wildlife action we saw.  No whales.  Luckily they give rain checks for a future free tour to try again.  Next time, we will go with full tummies and bring lots of crackers.  It was a really nice little cruise though and once Lucy ate that extra roll and started feeling better, she was having fun pointing out boats and colorful parachutes carrying parasailers.  It was a lovely way to start the day.

After the boat ride me and Lucy were STARVING since we didn’t eat a whole lot of breakfast so we hit up subway then went to the park.  Subway in Hawaii, by the way, is the most expensive sub place ever!  Just saying… Anyway, Lucy had a ball going down the slides and making her Daddy climb around the play structure with her.  She loves her Daddy!  It was a nice way to make up for her getting so sick that morning.

Our only other plans for the day were dinner that evening at Hula Grill on Waikiki Beach.  Lucy went down late for her nap and I ended up having to wake her up which, you know that saying: “never wake a sleeping baby”? Well don’t!  She HATED me!  She got over it though and we had a really nice meal on the water.

Christmas was perfect!!!! It was so nice to be able to have a relaxing Christmas at home without having to go anywhere or expect anyone!  Not that we didn’t miss our families, but there is something to be said about a quiet Christmas at home with just you and yours.  We woke up when Lucy did (around 6:45ish) then walked her out to her enormous mound of gifts under and around the tree.  She walked in and went straight for her Kitchen that Justin built for her the night before.  Once she started playing with that, it was like the rest of presents didn’t exist.  It took that kid like 3 hours to open her gifts!  It was great though because she actually wanted to play with each thing she opened.  It wasn’t like an older kid who just tears though her/his gifts to see what’s next.  I’m not sure she’ll do that after this year so it was really fun to see her enjoy her new things.

The whole day was great, we ate really well, relaxed and just enjoyed being a family.  The day still felt like Christmas even though we did not get the White Christmas they had in Michigan and we had our fans on full blast with the windows open because we were slightly too warm in our shorts and t-shirts.  The feeling and spirit of Christmas lived in Lucy.  Everything is better when you have a kid but especially a holiday like Christmas.  You forget how magical Christmas is until you see it in your child’s eyes.  I can’t wait till next Christmas when we will have another little one around to enjoy the holiday with!  Who knows where we’ll be then!

Until next time, Mahalo

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