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Where’s my cocktail!?

“I’m Chilly!!!!!!” She screamed in an accusatory tone. As if I was personally the cause for said chilliness.

In truth, it was a fever causing this chilliness while simultaneously causing the ruin of our action packed weekend. No more BBQs, no more Bonfires with endless S’mores, no more soaking up rays of Vitamin D that my body craves after a long winter. Instead, our weekend was filled with Pedialyte, Disney movies and a quick trip to the hospital.

***Everyone is fine now! It was just a virus.***

Have you ever had a week where you turned to your partner and asked: “Why did we have kids again!?” Yeah…. that happened this weekend.

So, in an effort to stay positive, here are a few reasons why I love my children when they’re sick:

1. They lay on the couch all day so they don’t make messes.

2. They are very snuggly. This is often followed by ME getting sick but that’s ok.

3. It’s an excuse to eat more ice cream. Nothing tastes better than a popsicle or ice cream cone while you’re sick. Lucy opted for a spiderman popsicle from Mr. Cs.

4. I am forced to disinfect everything, so my house has never been more clean.

5. Once said sick child feels better again, they are more easily entertained. Being stuck on a couch watching Tangled for the millionth time gets old quick. Even for a kid.

6. It brings you closer to your spouse. Dealing with cranky sick kids is HARD. Forming a united front against it with your partner is the only way to get through it sanely.

7. It’s a great excuse to run to the corner store for margaritas! (The real way we get through it!)

So there you have it! The silver Lining. I hope this list helps you all through your own children’s inevitable viruses.

Mahalo! (Really missing Hawaii lately!)

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