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Grandma came to visit us!  Yay!  My Mom arrived on the 10th and her stay was action packed to say the least!  We lucked out and got some amazing weather for the majority of her stay.  I say “lucked out” because we’ve been having some seriously gloomy days around here and it would have prevented us from doing pretty much anything if it had rained!  So what did we do you ask?  Well….
Day One we decided to head out early and catch the sunrise at the Blow Hole.  It has a proper name but it escapes me right now and I’m too lazy to google it…  SO anyway… The Blow Hole gets it name because there is a hole that blows water up in a way that looks much like a whale’s blow hole.  duh..  The sunrise was awesome.  We got some really cool pictures and had the place to ourselves to enjoy our breakfast and admire the view.

Next, we decided to take a road trip pretty much circling the whole island.  During which we visited such attractions as Kailua Beach to walk in the sand and take some cute cute pictures.  My favorite moment was when my mom and Lucy were wading in the water (up to their ankles) and a wave surprised them and soaked their legs! Lucy’s reaction was really cute.  After stoping for a delicious Acai bowl we were on to our next stop, the Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples (Made famous by ABC’s “Lost”).   This Temple was a fun place for me and Justin to visit when were here on our honeymoon and we hadn’t been back since.  It was just as cool as we remembered.  There is a giant bell to ring which Lucy HATED!  I think it was a little too loud for her.  Then there is a beautiful garden surrounding the temple with streams and little water falls and a giant pond in front full of coy fish and two black swans.  A nice man gave Lucy a baggie of fish food and she had a lot of fun feeding the fish.  There were hundreds of fish fighting to get food from her at once.  It was a little crazy to see but she thought it was very cool.  Inside the Temple there is a giant statue and a little bowl to light an incense stick.  I’m not too sure about the who what and why of it all but it smelled really nice in there and it was very pretty.

After leaving the temple we decided to stop in Kahuku to take my mom to the scary shrimp truck.  It was delicious as usual!

Waimea Falls was our next stop and I feel I should remind you that this is still the same day as everything I’ve listed before.  Waimea falls is a beautiful botanical garden valley walk which ends at a waterfall.  All the plant life is labeled and the path is paved.  I would describe the whole experience as a  paved, fit for anyone, touristy version of the Palolo Valley hike we did with my Dad and Sister.  I still prefer the Palolo valley hike though.

After the Falls we took it easy and visited Turtle beach where there were two turtles hanging out on the beach to see and take pictures of, then we visited Motsumotos for their famous shave ice.  Me and Lucy had the best shave ice we’ve had since moving here and we got ice cream on the bottom of ours for an extra sugary treat.  Yum!  After such an action packed day we grabbed a pizza and called it a day.

Now, my mom wasn’t here too long so we didn’t really let her rest too much.  We decided to go Whale watching the next day where we not only saw a whale, but the whale appeared right in front of where we chose to hang out on the boat and it followed the boat in the same position for like half the boat ride!  Too cool!  For dinner that night we went to our favorite Luau at Paradise Cove where we got some badass tattoos, stuffed our faces and watched a fun show.

The next day was my FAVORITE!  We went to Aulani Resort in Ko’olina.  It’s Hawaii’s Disney resort.  It was so beautiful and SO much fun!  We went to the Character Breakfast which was sensory overload but so cute.   We laid in the sun, swam in the pool, floated through a lazy river, Lucy rode a BIG water slide with Daddy and we even squeezed in some beach time and watched the sun set from our lounge chairs.  It was a perfect way to celebrate my baby’s SECOND birthday!  Her birthday was actually the next day but Im so glad we went the day we did because it was rainy and gross the next morning/afternoon.  We did manage to get down to Waikiki to shop and walk around in the evening.  Lucy was having a really rough time but thankfully pulled it together enough to enjoy her birthday dinner at the Cheesecake factory.  Dave and Lisa came out to celebrate with us which was so sweet of them.

We were sad to see my mom go but we had such an amazing time with her while she was here.  For now it is back to life as usual.  So until next time, Mahalo!


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