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Birds are chirping, kids are screaming!

Oh how I love Spring! Waking up to a beautiful, sunny morning with clear skies, birds chirping and flowers blooming everywhere…makes waking up to a toddler who turns on his tantrum switch the second he wakes up, a tiny bit more bearable.

For no reason... He just wanted to cry...
For no reason… He just wanted to cry…

Is this what everyone’s been talking about!? Just screaming and slamming into things over anything? Lucy never did this so I am completely lost on what to do here. He really loses his shit over everything! Right this second he is holding up the buckle on his booster seat at the table and screaming “BUCKLE!!!!!”. Not like a cute scream. A scream that is implying I should be doing something about this buckle yet if I try to do anything about that buckle I will be beheaded. …And now he’s dancing to Daniel Tiger. This is all very confusing.

This is the most challenging age that my children have been so far. Lucy is what I suppose a typical 4 year is: defiant, sassy, sweet and loving. Hudson is one of these things at any point in the day: Snuggly, tantrumy (Yes, I’ve invented that word), sweet and independent or just full on stinker. He’s a real mixed bag.

They play so well together when they want to!
They play so well together when they want to!

This is a fun time because they are getting older and we can do more things. Playing outside is way easier, going shopping is harder, sleepĀ is getting better (knock on wood), playtime is more fun, going places like Greenfield Village is more fun…. It IS a good time. These emotions are just a little crazy right now. I know I am not alone and that really helps! Good luck to you all this weekend as we brave family and friend BBQs trusting our kids to hold it together for at least a few hours. If they don’t, there’s always beer. For you… not the kids.



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