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You did WHAT during delivery!?

I think I need a swift slap in the face.

Let me explain… So lately I’ve had a touch of baby fever. I. Do. Not. Get. Baby. Fever. Ever. I didn’t even get that urge before I actually decided I wanted the babies I have! If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t even like babies that much! So what has gotten into me!?

My current babies. My current babies have gotten into me. They are getting so big! I hate it! I love it! But I hate it… I really actually love it though. It’s just so final! My last baby (Yes, we took the option of a 3rd off the table…completely) is starting to be interested in the potty! He’s nowhere near ready for potty training but he sits on it and loves the idea of it all! Frankly, so do I! No more diapers!? Hell yeah! Sorry Luvs but where do I sign up for that?

Meanwhile my oldest, who is four, is pretty much just as capable as a decent percentage of grown adults. Teach her to read and write and she could run the world. Details….

Soon I will be an Aunt to two new little babies and I have friends having babies, so I will at least get my baby snuggles in with them. 🙂

I may have terrified my poor sister with labor stories the other day… Why do we do that?! Why do I do that!? I know better! I guess they are, in a way, like our war stories that need to be told. Our tales of battle with contractions, stitches, and all the wonderful/gory things that happen after that beautiful little baby arrives. It’s fun to trade stories with fellow moms who have lived it too and have their own stories to tell. Pregnant people though… They don’t want to hear it. “Oh hey! You’re  pregnant! Want to hear about everything that went wrong with my last delivery!?” WTF!? Why would anyone want to hear that!?? When I was pregnant for the first time, one girl told me the weirdest (and longest) story about hemorrhoids and her new boyfriend. I am still trying to forget that story… So to my poor, sweet, sister… I am sorry. Labor and delivery and everything beyond will be a brand new experience for you that is nothing like my experience or any of my friends experiences. It will be yours and regardless of how it happens, it will be beautiful.

So let’s just agree to only share labor stories with women who have been through it. Spare the innocent, first timer, pregnant women a few nightmares. You all know how crazy pregnancy dreams are on their own! If you are one of those first timers though, just know that one day you will have your very own tale to tell and it will involuntarily slip out of your mouth at some point when you see a bump or a new baby.

Enjoy your babies. Enjoy your days.


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