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Ok people, we are pretty far along on our journey to meeting our son in June.  We have NO IDEA what we are going to name him!  I am pretty sure we’ve seen/heard every name out there and have vetoed every single one.  I’m just going to give up and hope that makes an idea come to me.  Fingers crossed!

Little Dude is growing like a champ.  We heard his heart beat today which was fitting for Valentines Day.  The second time around is going a lot faster than when I was pregnant with Lucy.  My belly is bursting out of my clothes one tank top at a time.  The stores around here are just now starting to put out the spring clothes so I’m lucky to have some maternity things left over from last time and some kind friends who lent me some summery clothes!  It’s really funny how when I was pregnant with Lucy my doctors appointment would be full of questions and conversation and now I’m in and out of the office in minutes.  As long as that little heart sounds good, I’m good.  I have to do my Glucose test sometime in the next few weeks which I’m dreading.  They make you drink this heavy version of that free orange koolaid that was always out at school functions.  Then when you’re all sugared up they stick you with a needle.  It’s not much fun…  What IS fun is all the kicks I feel.  He is particularly active at night… Though it could just seem that way because I am particularly active during the day.  This part of pregnancy is fun for me.  I’m not too big to do the things I like, I have a decent amount of energy and I have my appetite back.  We are really excited to meet this little dude!

In other news, Aunt Lolo (AKA my sister Lauren) came to visit.  She had an action packed week full of Lucy commands such as “sit Lolo”, “color Lolo”, and also “What are you doing, Lolo”.  We had a ton of fun with her during her stay.  We were able to check out the Wet and Wild water park for the first time and had a great time!  They have a great deal for local residents where you buy a day pass and it gives you a free ticket for a guest and a season pass for yourself!  So me and Lucy found our new hang out!  I just wish it was a teeny bit closer.  They have a ton of huge water slides which me and Lucy sat out on of coarse, and a really cool kids splash pool with some smaller slides and fun water features.  We also had some fun beach days and took her around to see the sights.  I was really sad to see her go.  I miss my sisters a lot!

We have more visitors coming in a few days.  Justin’s parents will be staying with us for a few weeks.  We are trying to plan a rough idea of what we’ll do during their visit.  At this moment I’m trying to get some rest because while we LOVE having visitors, it takes a lot out of me these days.  So on that note…I have laundry to do!

Till next time,  Mahalo!


  • karolel2

    Let see, boy names. I am thinking Karole. What? It can be a boys name too. No um…. How about Jude. So Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, and Hey Jude, take a sad song and make it better. Love, Karole

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