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A Month of Firsts and Lasts

Well, things are starting to settle down over here in the land of Aloha.  Our last visitors have returned to Michigan.  They had a great trip which included a trip to the Big Island to explore Volcano Park.  We had a great time with them and were sad to see them go.  Before that Justin’s parents were here for a few weeks and we did a ton of exploring with them.  Their trip included all of us staying a few nights at Turtle Bay Resort on North Shore.  That was where me and Justin had our honeymoon, so it was really cool to be back there and also to spend some time at a resort.  It is an entirely different experience at a resort than at our house.  We had a great time at the pools and the beach up there and enjoyed the slower pace that North Shore has to offer.  It was nice to do something different and get a vacation for us too.

We’ve been really fortunate to have so many people come visit us over the past few months.  It’s been great seeing our friends and family.  We have been SO busy though, it’s nice to have some time now as just us to catch our breaths and prepare for this baby!

I appear to be nesting because I am obsessed with shopping on Amazon.com for baby products.  I have done so much research on double strollers, sit and stand strollers and compatible car seats that I could teach a class on the subject!  I feel confident in my decision though… Unless someone has some advice on the matter.  I have chosen the Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller which I will purchase a second seat for because Lucy still takes stroller naps and the Chicco key fit 30 carseat.  All of which is available in an amazing blueberry color that I am currently obsessed with.  I have also found a nice Ergo carrier.  Life here is a little more active and a carrier is a must have.  Any advice or words of experience about these products or other possibilities (That aren’t super expensive) please let me know! Now to find a cosleeper and small swing…

Aside from the loot, wrapping my head around the idea of going from a family of three to a family of four is not easy.  I see my stomach growing, I feel him moving around in there, but somehow it’s still not real.  I really want to find a name for this little one.  I think that will help.

As for firsts… Well many people wont find this exciting but I DO! Lucy finally let me put her hair in pigtails!  She looks so cute and grown up!  I still can’t believe how independent she is and how much she has learned in just two short years.  Also, I (err..the Leprechaun) left Lucy a treat on Saint Patricks Day morning and for the first time she actually seemed interested!  Normally she wakes up and she just goes about things business as usual.  For example, Christmas barely got a rise out of her and she had a MOUNTAIN of gifts!  So I was excited when she woke up and the first thing she did was go check out what was waiting for her.  Usually she wakes up and starts smacking me in face to wake me up.  Since we were sharing a room on this particular morning, I got to witness her investigating her treats.  She was pretty excited about it all day so I was happy.  My mom always did stuff like that for us on holidays, so I want to continue the tradition for my kids.  Next year we’ll start turning chairs upside down and leaving trails of gold footprints around the house.

Today, me and Lucy went to our favorite play structure in Kahala.  We lucked out and had the entire play structure to ourselves.  A lot of times Lucy gets pushed around on the play structures because the average height is a lot shorter here and Lucy is tall on top of that, so kids confuse her for an older kid who can handle it.  So, it was nice to have the place to ourselves.  Lucy had a great time climbing up the slide and going down on her tummy.  It was nice to have some quality “normal” time with my peanut.

Until next time, mahalo.

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