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Well, last post, I mentioned that I wanted to work on a few crafting ventures. So, with the chilly weather in mind, I decided to begin with crochet. I googled a how to guide on the basic crochet stitches and found THIS. It was a great guide and had a bunch of stitches with videos and/or walk-through instructions with pictures. My “swatch of learning” looked a little crazy but Lucy got a kick out of it. She was really impressed actually! Isn’t it great how your smallest fans are often your biggest!?

The Swatch of Learning
The Swatch of Learning

After I gained a little confidence, I decided to take on some projects. I started with a basket, figuring that I could use it as a place to store my yarn. It is supposed to have an owl face on it but the yarn color I chose just disappeared into the body of the basket. I’ll have to try it with a different color. Maybe yellow. But I love this basket because it pretty much stretches to whatever shape or size it needs to be! If you would like to attempt this easy basket click here. It is a great project for begginers.

My Basket! With my fun giant knitting needles. I can't really figure knitting out though..
My Basket! With my fun giant knitting needles. I can’t really figure knitting out though..

Then, I thought I’d try my hand at a brimmed hat. I used to have one that I loved and I am pretty bummed that I can’t find it anymore. It disappeared with my sweaters… The downside to moving 5000 miles away. Shit gets lost.

So anyway, I found this pattern:¬†Swirly Brimmed Hat. I decided to just dive right in with the soft chunky yarn I bought. This hat turned out far from perfect but I still like it. I also learned a lot while doing this. I probably unraveled and re did the beginning around 10 times and it still doesn’t look right. Oh well. I like it and I made this fringy scarf to match. Lucy put on most of the little fringes for me and did a great job.

Brimmed Hat and Fringe Scarf
Brimmed Hat and Fringe Scarf

All in all, I really enjoyed my adventure in yarn and crochet. I’m really excited for my next project but I’ll keep that a surprise as I am not sure when I’ll get around to it. I guess the moral of the story here is that if there is something you think you’d like to learn, google it and jump right in! You might be pleasantly surprised at what you learn!

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