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It’s so cold in the D!

It is really cold. Really F$#%ing cold. Oh, and my kids HAVE colds. AGAIN! See folks, this is the time we ask ourselves “Why did we move back here!?”.

Despite the face frosting, finger numbing, cold temperatures, we’ve been having fun inside the house. remember these?

Perler Beads! Still Fun!
Perler Beads! Still Fun!

Perler Beads!! (<– that’s a link if you want a bucket of them with some shape trays)

Lucy made a butterfly and loves it. They only problem has been trying to keep brother away from them!

"MOM! Get him out of here!"
“MOM! Get him out of here!”

All those colorful beads are just too tempting for him!

Another activity that I have been doing is crochet! I decided to teach myself how to do it. My goal is to make a fun afghan with lots of those square patch things or however you do this:

Ooh I love those colors!
Ooh I love those colors!

So I have a long way to go…

I’m also working on my sewing. I have owned a sewing machine and an embroidery machine for a long time now and I am stuck at beginner status with both. I would like to change that!

So I suppose I am making the complete transition into granny status… haha

I’m going to go do something that young people do now! Pilates! If you haven’t heard me talk about Blogilates.com yet, here it is… It’s fun, it’s accessible, it’s effective. Check it out here. It’s all free.

Hopefully I gave you some ideas of things to do while you are stuck inside or at least entertained you with what we are up to. Stay warm Michiganders!


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