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The last minute gift

So, if you’re like me, you still have a lot of christmas shopping to do. With under two weeks left until the big day things are getting a little hectic. Christmas parties, birthday parties, holiday activities, and more all fill up our calendar while we still try to maintain the normal to dos. I have found a few cool sites with some ideas and thought I’d share them.

1.) First, Amazon is having a Twelve Days of Christmas countdown. They are offering deals every day in a different category. We have utilized Amazon a lot already and have taken advantage of some crazy cheap pricing.

2.) Second, You could go the homemade route. I really like this list (<– Click that) from 100daysofrealfood.com. She has some great homemade options that are actually very useful such as some homemade seasoning mixes and Vanilla Extract. I never knew that Vanilla extract was made with vodka! Crazy stuff!

3.) Lastly I will post the post that everyone has seen via social media.  The non-toy gift list (<– Click that). While I think that most toys are actually great for a child’s mind and imagination regardless of how educational the box tells you the toy is, these are some great options. My mom got Lucy a class for her birthday last January and I have yet to register her, BUT it’s a great idea to offer children fun experiences rather than material possessions. The very concept of this blog is to find a piece of paradise in your everyday life and this is a great way to do that. Also, I think the girl in the picture, who is on the floor with all the mess, looks exactly like me from that angle. I actually thought it was a picture of me when my husband showed it to me. Creepy.

Hopefully this list helps anyone who is scrounging for gift ideas. Most of the options on these sites could fit any budget but when in doubt, there is always the old standby. A restaurant gift card! 😉

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