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Time to appreciate the inside of our houses!

I can’t help but feel that this is my fault…

See, when we were getting ready to leave Hawaii, Lucy and I took a trip to the beach for one last rock collecting adventure.  We always used to go to the park then walk over to Waikiki beach and collect rocks.  When we were ready to go I would always tell Lucy to say bye to her rocks.  I did this for two reasons. 1- I  didn’t want a huge collection of dirty rocks in the house and 2. Its bad juju to bring home rocks and shells from the beaches.  The Volcano God doesn’t like it.  Well in a moment of weakness, on that last trip, I let her bring the rocks home…. We have them here in a box… Now it’s freezing and we’re buried in snow and ice.  Coincidence? I can only hope.

As far as WARMTH goes! We have been staying indoors a lot lately.  Bouncing off the walls? Yes! But, also having a lot of fun.

Lucy turned 3! Holy cow! How do I have a 3 year old!? It makes me a little sad because I know I’ll be sending her off to her first day of school before I know it.

To celebrate Miss Lucy’s birthday, we had a small party at our house with some pizza and cake.  Lucy had a great time with her friends and family.

The following weekend we visited The Great Wolf Lodge! What a fun place! We went down Friday night and drove on some very slick roads in Ohio.  So slippery, we saw a jackknifed semi on the side of the road.  Luckily, we didn’t hit the really bad roads until we were about ten minutes from our hotel.  The water park was perfect for the kids. It was 85* inside the pool area and there were lots of different options of pools and slides for all the kids (and adults). Some of our friends and their kids came also so we had a great time watching the kids play in the water and go down the slides.  Hudson pretty much only slept in my arms at the pool… So that was fun… But we really had a great time and were so happy that we had such a great group come along with us!

Other than water park fun and freezing our keesters off, Justin had a big change happen lately.  He accepted a position as the Computer Sales and Support Program Manager for UofM.  I am so proud of him!  It’s a great position and it’s so exciting to see him start on a new career path. The real fun was getting to shop for him and dress him up like my very own, life sized, Business Ken doll! His new schedule has been wonderful.  It’s a normal 8-5 M-F type schedule so he’s home for dinner every night and off on the weekends.  It’s nice to have some predictability in our daily life!

We have finally got to a place where we can settle and just live our lives.  We aren’t saying: “Once this happens, we’ll be good” anymore.  We are good.  We are great

Today’s windchill is somewhere around -25 so we are staying inside despite our GREAT need to grocery shop!

Stay warm everyone!


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