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Christmas Magic

Anyone else feel like they are constantly redecorating their Christmas tree? Toddlers are worse than cats (from what I hear) with robbing the tree of it’s lovely decorations! Every time I turn around there is yet another ornament on the floor or I spot Hudson running full speed toward the toilet with one! What is it about little boys and the toilet!?

Other than toilet shenanigans, we have been busy enjoying the holidays. We’ve had our decorations up and Christmas music blasting (Check out the Pentatonix new album, It’s our fav!) since before Thanksgiving but we decided to visit the place where Christmas is exploding from every angle. Frankenmuth!


We started our visit with a trip to Bronners, of course! There, we picked out a great personalized Santa ornament with the kid’s names on it. I love it so much! Twelve bucks is a little steep for an ornament (tis the season) but I felt better about it once I saw how great the personalization looked on it.

Justin insists that Hudson’s name does not belong on this list… 🙁

So after Mr. Bronner (RIP), took advantage of our Christmas spirit and stole our money, we headed to the place where juicy fried chicken is served by the platter and the beer is so authentically German, you can’t read the label.  Bavarian Inn. It was better than I remembered.  I could have eaten a lot more of that chicken. Like a lot more… It was that good.

This was actually quite delicious. Those Germans know what’s up!

After strolling around the quaint village and admiring the Christmas lights and decorations, we headed home. I always forget how magical that place is this time of year. If you haven’t gone yet this season, definitely go check it out.

Just a word of advise though… Leave the stroller in the car for Bronners! What a mad house! Oh, and get your Santa Sticker as soon as you get there.  It can take a few hours to see him and they call you up to the line by your animal on the name tag they give you.

We also stopped by to see Santa at the Twelve Oaks Mall. If we are being honest, we stopped by to see the Frozen exhibit and Santa was an added bonus.  Lucy’s exact words while running through the fake snow blizzard were: “Mom! I could stay here all day!”. So mission accomplished Twelve Oaks! Way to repurpose your old set up to capitalize on the Elsa Phenomenon! It was a hit!

They would have stayed in that snow dome ALL day!

Some items that are still on the to do list:

1. Picture with Santa OR just a home staged Christmas photo in the even the kids aren’t feelin’ the Santa pic.

2. Drive around to see all the fun Christmas lights on people’s houses.

3. Watch Christmas Vacation like 100 more times because it’s hilarious and deserves to be seen as much as possible.

4. Make Christmas cookies with Lucy.

5. That’s probably enough! lol BUT we did make a gingerbread village!

If I were teeny tiny, I would live here..

I think we have already been enjoying this holiday season quite a bit! In the age of Pinterest, if you don’t do absolutely everything Christmas related all while making everything by hand, you are a failure of a mother. As far as normal standards go, though, we are doing alright!

If you want to check out the Pentatonix new Xmas CD, here it is:

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