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A new beginning

Spring time is a time for new beginnings.  The flowers come alive with fresh blooms, the animals come out of hibernation and we push forward into a new cycle of life.

This month my family experienced a profound loss.  We lost our Father in Law, Father, Poompa, Husband, Brother and Friend.  While I don’t want to blog about the experience, I did want to touch on the important lesson that his long fight with prostate cancer has taught us.  The lesson I learned is just: Love.  Love your life, love your family, love everything you do.  If you don’t love it, don’t do it.  Life is too short to waste time.  We are lucky for each day we have on this earth so enjoy your family and friends as much as possible.

I have been enjoying my babies.  Even when Hudson wakes me up at 3:30am and refuses to fall back to sleep, I still love him beyond comprehension.  He is wearing his helmet now to round out a few flat spots that stemmed from his tortocolis (sp?) as an infant.  Truthfully, I’m grateful for the thing.  This kid bangs his head on everything! He is such a boy!  As I type this, he is under my chair smacking his head on the chair leg..

Lucy is hilarious.  She is seriously one of the funniest people I know.  The problem is, she always cries when people laugh at her.  So maybe she isn’t comedian material, but she sure is funny. My favorite is when she does her booty dance or when she pokes Hudson in the cheek and calls him Little Chubs.  Also she is totally, completely, head over heals obsessed with frozen.  She could recite you every line of the movie and sing you every song.  Not a day goes by that we don’t at least listen to the soundtrack.  She now asks me to braid her hair in an “Elsa braid” everyday. She then wraps herself in a blanket, puts on her tiara and high heels and says she’s Queen Elsa.  I’m just lucky I like it too!

I suppose that is all for today.  I am thinking of taking this blog in a different direction soon, so you may see some changes soon.

See ya!

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