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Our baby boy is one!

How has a year flown by so fast? When I think about where we were last year when Hudson was born and where we are now, it feels like I’m thinking of two separate lifes or a parallel universe. One year ago we were living at Tom and Lena’s, with all our belongings confined to one room and a basement full of boxes. Tom was not only alive but working regularly and keeping up with Lucy… Lucy was 2 1/2 and still using using baby phrases like “I go wiss you” and “What are you doooooing?”.  We had renters in our Wolverine Lake house (ugh), we had just moved back from Hawaii and Justin was still with Apple.

Flash forward to today and Hudson is starting to walk.  He turned ONE! His party was so bitter sweet.  I’m so excited for all the fun things he will start to learn and experience but so sad that my last baby is becoming a toddler.  Lucy is basically an adult. A bipolar adult.. But she is so grown up its scary.  She will be starting preschool in the fall! We sold the Wolverine Lake house and moved into a new home in White Lake that we love. Justin is working for UofM.  He’s still obsessed with Apple, but the lack of discount has slowed him down a little. We dream about going back to Hawaii every day but wish there was a way to somehow be both places.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer but we have already been busy doing all our favorite summer activities.

We kicked off June with a trip to Cedar Point.  Poor Hudson had to sit this trip out but Lucy and our niece, Mya, came along for the fun.  Mya rode her first big roller coasters while Lucy stuck with the little kid rides.  We were pretty shocked at how scary the kid coasters were! The little train ride was right up there with the mine ride and that is my least favorite/ most hated ride in the park! After riding as many rides as our old bodies could handle, we headed home.  To say the long car ride home was a little dicey is an understatement.  Rest stop nap breaks were required… Definitely getting too old to not stay the night out there!

No spring/summer would be complete without a trip to Camp Dearborn!  Camp Dearborn is a campground here in Milford, MI – for those of you who’ve been living under a rock or my long distance readers (Hello Germany!). A big group of our friends joined us out there for a fun filled weekend full of bacon, beaches and bon fires.  It was so fun and so great to be outside enjoying Michigan’s beautiful scenery and fresh air!

We also had the Run for the Ribbon Cancer walk/run for the Michigan Institute of Urology.  Somewhere around 45 people made up our “Team Tom Mofo”.  Our team walked/ran around the Detroit Zoo in memory of Tom Day and to support prostate cancer research that will benefit all the Day men and little Hudson.  It terrifies me that somewhere in their genetic makeup my Husband and my sweet baby boy carry whatever it is that causes such a horrible disease.  The walk was fun and we received free admission to the Zoo afterward.  The butterflies and the seals were a big hit with my kids.
After the Zoo we headed to Jeff and Ashley’s for a Barbecue to celebrate Fathers Day and rest after a tiring morning.  The food was awesome and it was fun to see the family.

Most recently, we celebrated Justin’s Fathers Day this past Monday.  We visited Walled Lake beach to build some sand castles then headed to the Pool at my Mom’s complex for some swim time.  Lucy is getting so brave and is actually starting to get the swimming motions down.  I would love it if I could at least get her swimming with water wings by the end of the summer!  We’ll see! 🙂

How did we do all of this in June!? It’s only the 20th! No wonder I’m tired!

This past year has held many emotions and many changes. We felt the highest of highs and lowest of lows. All I can say is that I’m so grateful for the family and friends who have helped us along the way. Without you all, we would be lost.



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