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Log on, log off and repeat

Looking through my Facebook newsfeed, I see a lot of negative comments and judgey comments that could really deter me from logging on ever again.  HOWEVER…that’s a big however…. there is also a lot of support.

I love and hate the internet at the same time most days.  I do miss the days of flip phones, when the internet was still sort of mysterious and not so accessible.  The days when we called each other and had something to say because we didn’t have up to the minute details of our lives published on line.  Despite this longing for days of yore, I am grateful for the internet and especially Facebook.  Keeping in contact with old friends and other parents is invaluable.  It has saved me from my worst days as a parent and has allowed me to grow my “mom community”.

There are days as a parent that I just want to throw in the towel and say I give up. Especially as a stay at home mom, it’s so hard to be immersed in this crazy life called parenting 24/7. I don’t mean to say that working parents don’t have a hard time too. You’re busy, I get it, our lives are just different and this is the life I understand and live… As a stay at home mom, I live and breath parenting all day every day and that gets overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating. So when I log on to Facebook and read that my friends are experiencing the same thing that day, it immediately makes me feel more calm.  I have that “ok, I’m not alone” feeling. Maybe that’s silly and maybe that’s just the false sense of inclusion that runs rampant on the internet that I’m feeling, but I don’t care.  It helps, and most days, I’ll take what I can get..


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