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Well the time finally arrived! Caitlin’s Bachelorette Party in Grand Rapids. I packed my bag full of bar clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in at least 3 years, a blow dryer that gets used about once a month and the one thong in my entire underwear drawer.. It was party time.

I haven’t been away much in my kids lifetimes. I took one 3 day trip away from Lucy when she was about 7 months old for my sister Lauren’s bachelorette party to Vegas and aside from a random one night away here and there for weddings, I have never been away from Hudson.  So this weekend has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Truly Mom’s Night(s) Out.

Friday morning, I had all my things packed.  It looked like I was leaving for a solid week rather than a couple days but I didn’t care. I was ready. Before I left, I went to put Hudson down for his morning nap. That’s when I felt it… His head was warm.

I took his temp and it said he was ok so I just figured it was because he was tired and put him down.  Well, about a half hour into our drive I get a text from Justin saying Hudson has a fever and isn’t acting right.  20 minutes later, Lucy has a fever… What the F&%@!?!

Now, I should also share that earlier that day I received a text from my friend saying that her kids had Hand Foot and Mouth disease and probably had it at our last play date.  My response was “I haven’t noticed any sickness”… Famous last words..

My poor babies got it bad and it was Justin stuck at home without me for help. Luckily our Moms are awesome and they both came over to help him out in my absence.  It was not an ideal situation but I think Justin kicked ass taking care of two sick kids on his own!

SOOO on to Grand Rapids happenings!  Caitlin’s Bachelorette weekend was so fun! We arrived on Friday afternoon and after some tough phone calls on the way up, we needed to break into the jello shots immediately upon arrival. Lucy made them and they were delicious! lol We put up some decorations which included a slight Pinterest Fail… I blame the walls for not allowing the tape to adhere properly! The girls all arrived group by group, ready to celebrate the beautiful Miss Caitlin.

Friday was pretty crazy, and if I’m being totally honest, I’m a little fuzzy on the details… It did include  Country line dancing and Stellas though and both were super fun. There are rules about telling too much about a bachelorette party so I’ll leave it at this… A bar with a dance floor that plays 90s music = an amazing time for pretty much any girl…EVER. So fun!

Side note: the GR Hopper is an awesome way to get around if you don’t feel like walking!

The next day, we hit up Founders Brewery for lunch and aside from some super slow service and a few forgotten drinks, it was a great place with an amazing outdoor seating area. They have a really great souvenir shop too, where I purchased a tank top that I am in love with.

After we got our loot, we moved on to Hop Cat where we tried more local beer and also some Bloody Marys for those of us that were moving a little slower that day… It was a cool place, a little more low key than Founders but they have all sorts of cool posters on the ceiling and a huge list of beers from all over the place. Even Big Rapids, MI! Anyone remember Crankers? The crapper diner that you went to after the bar at 2am? They make beer now! It’s not great…

At night we did a 20s theme which was super fun because everyone got so into it!  Me and my sisters made some headbands for all the girls to wear that night and Lauren got everyone peal necklaces so we would all look the part.  There were a lot of bachelorette parties out that night but we were definitely the cutest themed!  Following the same rules as from Friday, I will just say that Mojos had bad mojo but the BOB was a great place to dance! 🙂 Also, there were amazing street hotdogs on the walk back to the hotel which is ALWAYS amazing!

So, after waking up and doing what we could with our abused hotel room, and waiting for a tow guy to come jimmy his way into my car… We were on our way home… I was so glad to see my kiddos.  I felt terrible being away from them when they felt so sick.  It’s fun to get away from all the chaos for a while but after being gone, I realize that there truly is no place like home.

SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: The flatness of your shoes WILL determine the amount of fun you are capable of having! Flats every time!  lol

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