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Do you know the muffin wo-man?!

We are big into making our own muffins over here. We usually make whole wheat carrot muffins or banana oatmeal muffins, but this time we found a new recipe on one of my favorite web sites, 100 days of real food.  We made her generic muffin recipe that calls for whatever add in you want or happen to have on hand.  We chose blueberries because they are Lucy’s favorite and a fruit that, for whatever reason, I struggle to get into Hudson’s mouth.

Here is the link to her recipe if anyone wants to try them. The ingredients are pretty basic. We used orange juice and really liked the flavor it added but you can use apple too.

Click this: fruit, nut or berry (or whatever you want them to be) whole wheat muffins

These muffins are SOOO good! The best part? They are freezer friendly! So you can make up a double batch for muffins to enjoy later without the work! Not that these are that much work anyway, but it is nice to have muffins around as they are always a kid pleaser.

*** I like this picture because it has my favorite kitchen accessories in it 🙂 ***

I’m trying out some freezer cooking recipes this month. Our diets have not been what I want them to be lately so I am trying to change that by cooking more at home and prepping some freezer meals so there are always options. The last minute “what’s for dinner?” Just isn’t working over here.  Anyone have experience freezer cooking? Any favorite recipes that you could share or share a link to?
I hope everyone is enjoying their own “paradise” today! 🙂

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