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Every Fall I start dreaming up a million ideas of how I want to spend my favorite season.  Then reality rears it’s intrusive little head with weddings, parties, house work and countless other reasons that prevent those ideas from turning into happenings. So after visiting Pinterest for my fix of all things fall, I saw about a million “Fall Bucket Lists”.  A million? really? Probably not but Pinterest is obsessed with Fall. This got me thinking. Blogging about things seems to make me actually do them. My last post said that I wanted to try freezer meals. My freezer now has 20 frozen meals ready to cook at any time.

So with this blog as my motivator, I will go ahead and put a Fall Bucket List together for myself and update with what we did.  Here it goes:

I will write it in the color of a Pumpkin because I love Pumpkin anything….

Faran’s Fall Bucket list 
(like how that just flows off your tongue?)

– Apple Picking
– Pumpkin picking
– Cider and donuts
– Take pictures of my kids playing in leaves
– Get family fall photos taken
– Fall crafts
– Pumpkin everything
– Carve Pumpkins
– Cute family Halloween costumes 
– Bake apple pies with my mom and sisters
– Drink pumpkin beer at every appropriate opportunity 😉
– Halloween nights at Greenfield Village

Oh and PS… My Fall decorations are up! I could not wait one more day! 🙂


  • Kate McLean

    I found a pumpkin dip on pinterest that is amazingly tasty and suuuper easy to make. I take it to every party, tailgate, etc!

    1 container cool whip (thawed, I use light version)
    1 can pumpkin
    1 box instant vanilla pudding

    Mix these three things together, sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on top and enjoy with apple slices and/or nilla wafers! 🙂

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