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Friends for life

I love the sound of my kids playing together… Nicely! When I was pregnant with Hudson, my greatest fear was that I was taking away Lucy’s closest friend; me. I was afraid that when Hudson was born she would resent him and also resent me for breaking up our beautiful little friendship.


So when I hear them play together and see Lucy lead Hudson around by the hand and speak so gently to him, I am overwhelmed with joy and relief. Joy, that my children actually get along some times and relief that they still love me and I still have beautiful relationships with each of them.

Today as I was getting dressed for the day, I gave my kids some independence. Lucy is pretty much free to roam where she pleases in the house without me but Hudson is another story.  I usually need to chase him around the house dishing out “no no!” all over the place. Today, however, I decided to let him be.  The kids were playing in the play room upstairs which is set up for play and there isn’t a whole lot that they can really get into in there that would be an issue.  It was amazing.  The kids were playing so nicely in there that when I finally came down to check on them, I was told: “Mom, this is OUR special place, you can’t come in here”. Shockingly, they were both in one piece and sitting together in their circus tent reading books.  Today was a milestone for my Hudson. He’s turning in to a little kid. Not the baby who needs constant attention but the little boy who needs space to explore.


It’s hard to recognize when we as parents cross the line from being their protector to being a little too protective. I struggle with letting go a lot. I know they need room to explore and learn about their world but I also worry so much that they’ll get hurt by something or someone.  I am just so grateful that they will always have each other. I hope they will always be close and be there for each other throughout their lives. We’ll see.


Let me follow up by saying that I realize my 15 month old still needs to be watched like a hawk.  At this moment he is standing ON my kitchen table looking down at me as I type. I’m just saying that with a clingy kid like Hudson, a little space (when I know he’s in a safe environment) is healthy for both of us!

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