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At approximately 10:30 tonight my husband and I had just finished watching a movie and were relaxing in our living room enjoying the beautiful silence that is only available after bed time.  Then it happened. The cry. The cry that could be heard by an elderly man who is hard of hearing at Bingo night. The Hudson cry.  This kid has his Daddy’s voice and it is my curse. This kid hates to sleep alone! I mean, he will sleep for hours on the couch downstairs, during the day, in full sunlight, while the vacuum is going but he won’t last a couple of hours in a dark bedroom with the soothing sounds of the ocean on a noise machine!


It would be so easy to get angry at him for refusing to give me just one night to sit with my husband and have a conversation.  A conversation that wasn’t interrupted by a clingy baby and a sassy three year old. I do get mad sometimes. I am far from perfect and I certainly lose my cool sometimes. I try not to though and that’s because I get it.  I get that he is only somewhat aware of his surroundings and would prefer to be with his Mommy where he knows he’s safe rather than in a dark room alone. So.. I get to snuggle with my little buddy for a bit. It’s not that long from now that he will be embarrassed to be around me. I will only have these memories of my little baby who wanted me and loved me more than anyone or anything on this planet. Some nights, and let’s face it, days, are so hard but I’m so in love with these loud, crazy maniacs that I just don’t care. Who needs sleep anyway! 


No offense to all of you “Cry it Out”ers out there! Do what’s best for your babies and I’ll do what’s best for mine. 


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