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Maybe I dreamt it up, maybe I found it on Pinterest, maybe it was a random thing my friend told me about... If I like it, it's here in the "Stuff I Like" category.

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    Brrr! Let’s craft!

    This winter has been awesome so far. Not only have the temperatures been tolerable but the snow has been great for sledding and the roads have been pretty dry and safe. That being said, my kids don’t like to stay outside for very long play sessions even on the warmest of days. Enter craft time. Today we broke into something I purchased well before Christmas but never found the right time to play with it – Crayola Air Dry Clay (<– That’s an affiliate link. See my note about what that means on my “About Our Days” page). When I bought it, Amazon was running a sale so I actually got it for…

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    It’s HOT! Cool down with these fun activities.

    This week is supposed to continue to be hot hot hot! It’s probably going to be some of the last hot days we have left this year so I figure we should take advantage. I did some Pinteresting, and found some really great ideas to keep our kids busy and cool while they play outside. These are all activities that use items you most likely already have around the house. If not, the dollar store probably has whatever you need for cheap. Freeze Dough – This is a great craft that uses shave cream and your very own freezer. Lego Excavation – Super fun for the lego lover. They have to melt…

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    Christmas Magic

    Anyone else feel like they are constantly redecorating their Christmas tree? Toddlers are worse than cats (from what I hear) with robbing the tree of it’s lovely decorations! Every time I turn around there is yet another ornament on the floor or I spot Hudson running full speed toward the toilet with one! What is it about little boys and the toilet!? Other than toilet shenanigans, we have been busy enjoying the holidays. We’ve had our decorations up and Christmas music blasting (Check out the Pentatonix new album, It’s our fav!) since before Thanksgiving but we decided to visit the place where Christmas is exploding from every angle. Frankenmuth! We…

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    Let’s play!

    This time of year has always been my favorite.  Cooler days that don’t make you want to jump in the closest funky puddle of water to cool off make playing outside way more fun! A few places that we have visited lately are our local parks, Green Field Village and the St Pats Fair. Here are some pictures from Clara Miller Park in Commerce Twp.  I’m not sure if anyone has visited this park in a while.  It’s older and not as shiny as some of the newer parks but it has a little more to offer. Lucy has been really into “tennis”. I put the quotations marks on there…